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Mick Foley - Hardcore Legend

Updated Jul 12, 2014
HOF Class of 2013  
Santa Foley  
Mick and his daughter Noelle  
The Foley Family  
Santa Foley and daughter Noelle  
Three Faces  
Evolution Ambush  
Barbed wire baseball bat  
After I Quit match with the Rock  
Edge/Foley Fire Table  
Edge/Foley Fire Table  
Foley's 1st book  
In Japan with Terry Funk  
HIAC Tooth in nose  
Rock and Foley playing N64  
Foley is God  
Cactus Jack  
Hardcore Legend  
Stand up comedian  
Bloody Foley  
Paul Bearer and Foley  
Foley vs Orton  
Foley as WHC  
Laying in thumbtacks  
Mankind and Kane tag champs  
Foley vs Vader  
Early Days - Cactus Jack Manson  
HIAC big fall  
WWE Backlash 2004 Randy Orton Vs Mick Foley (No Hold Barred) Full Match  
Lockdown 2009: Sting vs. Mick Foley  
WWF KING OF THE RING 1998 Mankind vs Undertaker HELL IN A CELL MATCH)  
WCW Tour in Munich Germany 16.03.94 Cactus Jack vs Vader  
Mankind vs The Rock for the WWF Title | Raw is War 1 - 4 - 99  
Mick Foley Best of Tribute Video  
Cactus Jack Anti Hardcore ECW Promo  
ECW Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk (Flaming Iron!!!)  
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