Gargano heading to WWE?

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  2. no idea who he is
  3. Not heard of him myself, but if he had a tryout last year and impressed, why wasn't he signed then? rather than news coming about a possible switch now?
  4. Probably because of contract with Dragon Gate USA. Most TV promotions have it in contract that a talent cannot compete for another promotion with a TV deal whilst under contract. There is nothing stopping them from trying out though. So he has waited for his contract to expire.
  5. I didn't know it worked like that, but it makes sense if that's the case, especially if he impressed during his try out last year. I don'y know anything about his wrestling style or anything, but I assume if they are planning on sending him to a development division, we won't see him for a good while anyway. How old is he?
  6. There is also usually a 30 day time limit after a wrestler leaves contract where he can't go to another promotion with a TV deal. So if this is true expect him to let his contract expire, take a month of to recharge and train some and then head to Florida.

    He is 24 and yes he will probably go to WWE's developmental promotion FCW in Flordia to get used to the WWE ring style. He is hailed as a great wrestler though so if we are lucky he will only be there a couple of months. Like Chris Hero now Kassius Ohno on NXT.
  7. DG USA don't have a TV deal do they?

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  8. I think it is broadcast on some local network as well as in Japan since they are apart of the Japanese Dragon Gate.
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  17. I'm just watching a video on youtube, is this the guy?

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    If so I think he looks really good actually, some of his moves look great.
  18. That's him
  19. Nice, as I said above he looks really good actually. Did you know about him before reading that article? I actually don't know anything about the sub-division of WWE or any other wrestling organization to be honest.
  20. He must be pretty good, the last guy who WWE took off DG USA was Moxley, right? That's working well.