Storyline gav finally speaks out

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood alone in the ring*

    (Gav the chav) dazzle you fucking cheeky ****! There I was in the ring trading shots with dat kid I had him backed up on the ropes ready to finish him off and out you come to stick your fucking nose in and turn your back on me after everything we've been through you and me dazzle we were brothers but you go and throw it in my face well guess what dazzle me and you are thats right fuck off you cheeky ****!

    *fuck you dazzle chant breaks out*

    Now on to other important matters joey bryant @DK James I hope your back there listen gavs heard you having some sly digs at gav well first of all you can fuck off and secondly you know how money in the bank is coming up well I've come out gere tonight to officially announce that I will be in the iwt title money in the bank contract match and I don't give a fuck who my opponents are not a single one of them eill dtop me I don't care if its @Dat Kid I don't care if its @GOAT Johnson I don't care if its @Majour and I especially don't give a fuck if its @B.Dazzle you know what right I hope b.dazzle is in the match so I can grab hold of the cheeky **** and smash his fucking face in then grab the contract and rub it in his fucking Face then go on to be the next IWT champion!
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