gav has a message for DX and the ministry of darkness

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  1. *gav the chav appears on the titantron*

    (gav the chav) 2 weeks ago at survivor series the dazzing chavs crushed the cure we completly obliterated them to a point they no longer exist hahaha i told every single one of you i would be responsible for taking them down and guess what i did hahaha see ya later you fucking pricks

    Now gav turns his attention to the 2 new factions that have emerged they are the degeneration x and what i like to call them the ministry of bellends it seems very fitting doesn't it because there all a bunch of bellends with a slag as there leader i bet she takes turns sucking them off i bet its like a game of pass the parcel

    As for dx well i have nothing to say to them what about you dazzle

  2. B.Dazzle: DX? The Ministry of Darkness? I thought this was 2013, not 1999. Listen up folks, because B.Dazzle has something to say about DX and The Ministry. B.Dazzle doesn't care about either faction. The only team that matters in this business are The Dazzling Chavs. So whether it's Dick Tripin, Nick, Kid, Danny, Queen, or whoever the hell is in each group, B.Dazzle is going to arrive, kick your ass, and then take his leave. The day one of you start carrying gold around your waists, is the day B.Dazzle MIGHT start caring about you are. Until then, you are just nothing but the common trash B.Dazzle takes out.
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  3. (gav the chav) thats right me dazzle my friend i watched there match at survivor series and it was fucking shite gav was very disappointed in them i was hoping for something epic but wow i've seen @Adam aeries put in better performances than that lot especially @Dat Kid From Jersey to be honest he can just fuck off from whatever sewer he crawled out of as for rodrigo @Rhod he can fuck off as well so can dick trippin @Trip in the Head what a cheeky **** he is never met him in my life but he's still a cheeky **** who else have they got? Oh yes mr no show himself @Danielson bailing **** suppose to be part of a team but he fucks off somewhere if he was part of my team i'd of fucked him up good and proper

    Hey luke get over here do you have anything to say to these cheeky ****s

  4. Was busy fucking your mother with a wrench, bitch.
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  5. Dat Kid makes his way to the area where The Dazzling Chavs are making their promo. @Adam Aries is seen by the area, Kid taps him on the shoulder and waves for him to follow. Dat Kid walks up to them with steel chair in hand.

    Sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but hear you talking about something. And what it sounded like, was my name, am I right?

    Dat Kid looks over at Adam, Adam nods yes

    I think he said your name too. You know, you guys are probably new here and you don't know the rules to this place.

    Dat Kid puts his arm around Gav and looks over at the backstage area.

    You see, this is what we like to call backstage. This is where us boys like to prep for our matches and kick back. Now just a moment ago I was doing just that over at catering until I heard a bunch of noise coming from a certain group of idiots that congregated right around where you two are standing right now. I mean they were talking about me, Adam, and even D-Generation X. Those two guys couldn't have been you.

    I mean, to have the balls to call out 6 people, in such an open area with weapons practically littered everywhere, you'd have to be pretty tough to do that. So I tell you what, when you find the guys who said that, you can tell THEM to watch their backs or we'll watch it for em.

    Dat Kid knocks on the steel chair and turns away from the two.
  6. Who hasn't? @Seabs
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  7. B.Dazzle: Oh Kid, you don't get it. It doesn't matter if there is 2 people, 4 people, 6 people, or 100 people. The Dazzling Chavs are gonna kick their ass. You can use all the weapons you want, we will still beat you all into a bloody pulp. If we go down, we'll take your men down with us. The Dazzling Chavs don't just talk a big game. We show the world how great we are.
  8. Dat Kid stops in his tracks and shakes his head at the floor.

    Bad move kid

    Dat Kid turns around and swings the steel chair at B.Dazzle
  9. *Hawk runs through the crowd, he jumps the barricade and slides into the ring with a chair, he swings for Gav's skull*
  10. Dazzle quickly ducks and attempts to take the chair from Kid.
  11. (gav the chav) here do you realise who your talking to i'm gav the chav did you not see what i done to the cure that is whats gunna happen to you and all your little mates same goes for the ministry of bellends and their slag of a leader @Queen Chrysalis gav the chav b.dazzle and luke starr gunna take all you mother fuckers down
  12. *gav ducks causing adam to miss gav then tackles adam to the floor then unleashes a barrage of punches koing adam

    Gav the chav: fucking jobber

    Gav then turns his attention towards @Dat Kid From Jersey and pulls out the pink dildo he stole of him a few months ago*

    Gav the chav: remember this?
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  14. *Hawk stumbles and pulls himself up via a table, he then picks up his chair and hits Gav over the back with it and unleashes more shots*
  15. Dat Kid throws the chair at Dazzle and attempts to kick the chair right into Dazzle's face
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    *adam goes for another swing but gav somehow manages to catch the chair and rips it out of adams hand gav then slaps him over the face using the dildo he pulled out earlier*
  17. OOC: I hit you multiple times with a chair but you suddenly grab it from me? Wtf?
  18. Ooc yes now continue
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  19. OOC: It makes no sense, how would that ever happen?
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