gav has a message for the IWT universe

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  1. *gav manger makes way to the ring but where is gav the chav*

    (gav the chavs manager) i have a letter from my client which he wants me to deliver to you*pulls out letter* it says

    Whats up bitches,
    its me gav i've asked my main man to read this to you guys as i can't be here today first off i have a message for my number one fan Aids Johnson you are a great champion you are much better than that other bitch who held it keep doing what your doing gav loves you
    To Jonathan i know a lot of these pricks don't like you and thats fine and all but they don't realise your a mackam it's in your dna to be a prick its the mackam way don't worry gav gets it keep doing what your doing
    And finally to the IWT universe don't worry gav will be back soon to fuck shit up soon once i get out the big house till then keep calm and do what gav would do
    from gav the chav

    *gav manager then proceeds to put the letter back in his pocket*

    Now i hate to be the bearer of bad news but after speaking with gavins lawyer it looks like he could be banged up for at least 20 years *crowd boos* i know it sucks and sadly it looks like gav the chav will never return to IWT OR FSW

    *gavs manager drops the mic and leaves the ring the crowd boos loudly and there children and fully grown men crying*
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  2. Nah nah nah nah
    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey hey hey
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  3. I'm one of the grown men crying.
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