gav has a new friend for britanica

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  1. *gav is in the ring on his own with a mic*

    (gav the chav) orite people gavs made a new friend today he would like to introduce to @Britanica ❤ he really wants to meet her and he wants to show her something and here he is mr edison miranda

    *edison miranda makes his way out to the ring holding a cat in his arms*

    So eddy why don't you tell these fine people a bit about yourself

    *gav hands the mic to edison*

    (e.miranda) well gav i'm grew up in columbria i'm a professional boxer and have went up against great fighters such as andre ward i've won 35 out of 44 fights i've had and i love cats

    (gav the chav) so why do you like cats and why the fuck have you brought one out with you?

    (e.miranda) well i like how fluffy and furry they are i also love there little cute faces they have but the thing i love most is how delicious they are thats right delicious they make a wonderful meal before a fight especially this one right here in my hands i'm feeling quite hungry now just thinking about it gav do you have a knife and fork*gav shakes his head* oh well guess i'm gunna after do it the good old fashioned way

    *eddy drops the mic then holds the cat up and looks at it in the eye he then snap the cats neck killing it instantly gav hands him a shaves so eddy can shave the cats fur off which he proceeds to do once all the fur is removed he begins to eat it by biting a chunk out of its neck causing blood to spill out onto the ring he continues to eat the cat until all the flesh on the cat is gone leaving just the cats remains and lets out a big burp which echos around the arena*

    (gav the chav) oh my god you sick **** hahahahahahahahaha

    ooc true story brit
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  3. #LiesFarooqTells
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  4. OOC: You are really getting there bro. Add music, and some outside stuff like *what happens in the background, how you move your arms, grabbing items, whatever* and you are golden. Love the Chav character, the IWT is better for it.
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  5. ooc thanks aids me a dazzle already have music but i can never post it right so just give up on it lol
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