Storyline gav returns from his round the world trip to find b.dazzle has he found him?

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  1. *the dazzling chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring the crowd looks on to see if b.dazzle is with him but there is no sign of him gav take the mic and begins to speak*

    (Gav the chav) settle down settle down look right I know you all want to know where the fuck dazzle and so do I I've looked everywhere for him I went to Sunderland I went to Cornwall I went to china I even went to fucking Disneyland and not a single trace I've ran out of ideas I don't know what else to do

    *a loud we want dazzle chant breaks out and gav waits for it to die down before continuing*

    Anyway right its about time gav got his little arse back in the ring so im out here to issue an open challenge to anyone who wants to go toe to toe with the chav I will gladly accept any challenge
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  2. The arena is blanketed in purple

    Dat Kid walks out, pissed off as he loosens his necktie and throws his jacket to the floor.

    You're in luck Gav, I was just about to leave the arena when I heard your challenge and quite frankly I'm looking to kick someone's ass. However, this feels like deja vu. I've already beaten you twice without breaking a sweat and you said you would accept ANY challenge. So to make things interesting this time, how about you go get yourself a partner in the back and we'll make this a handicap match because we already know you can't beat me on your own, unless you want to prove me wrong. :pity2:

    Dat Kid shoves Gav and then laughs in his face.