gav the chav addresses the iwt universe

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  1. *gav is in the ring with a mic in his hand*

    (gav the chav) orite peeps how you all doing right lets get down to buisness shall firstly i wanna make it clear that the dazzling chavs are still a team and were gunna well and truly fuck up the cure and take the titles of them at the next ppv event
    Next point my partner wants to go after a singles title and i'm cool with that i like his ambition so whilst he's off doing that gav needs something to do so i'm offering my services to anyone backstage any problem big or small gav'll fix it
    *small jimmy saville chant breaks out*

    No not like that dirty little paedo more like a doctor or something yes i like that dr gav the chav for the next few weeks if you have a problem then come to Dr gav and he will sort it if you need help with a gimmick come and see dr gav the chav or if @Jonathan is giving you grief what you gunna do? Thats right you'll come and see dr gav the chav and we'll go and put that little pricks windows through together