gav the chav addresses the IWT universe!

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  1. *gav is stood in the ring holding his precious tag team belt over his shoulder b.dazzle and luke starr are stood either side of hid*

    (gav the chav) right just wanna clear a few things up first i have a message for marcus anthony @TheArabHammer and @britanica gav introduced his new friend to you last week but gav didn't get a single response from either of you now gav is worried that you both have went and done a runner or something anyway gav hopes you haven't coz he was really looking forward to our match
    Now onto my next point to that little prick who nicked my good mate ic title i suggest you drag your little scrawny arse out here and return it you cheeky little **** who the fuck do you think you are you complete and utter ****

    Also i've been reading several reports that theres some new tag teams about to emerge well good luck to all of you coz the task you need to overcome is looking at you right now

    And finally @Dat Kid From Jersey i'll see you in 2 days
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    Dat Kid appears on the titantron, he's in his mansion foyer via satellite

    See you in two days? See you in two days? Is that all you have to say to me? You are about to go one on one with one of- no- THE greatest performer in the history of the IWT and all you have to say to me is "see you in two days"?

    Gav, you see your friend in two days, you see your mom in two days, you see your proctologist in two days, you don't see ME in two days! That's not how you address god! A person such as yourself, bottom of the rung, scrapping the barrel for opportunities like this should be on your knees begging me for the beat down I'm gonna give you in "two days".

    See, this is the problem with the lot of you that came in during Summerslam. It was me, who gave you all a chance. It was me who was putting you guys on the cards. It was me who was investing in all of your matches. Every single one of you people, from no talent pieces of shit like yourself to future champions like DK James.

    You like to come out and sing your little songs. News flash gave, this ain't American Idol, so you can get your head out of Ryan Seacrest's ass like the rest of these people.

    In two days you won't see me Gav. Dat Kill From Jersey will hit you upside the head so quick you won't even see it coming. I'd hate to quote irrelevant IWT wrestlers, but in two days "you can't see me".
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  3. (gav the chav) god...god hahahahaha are you taking the piss? With a record like yours is that some sort of sick joke you may have been great back in the day but now your just a shadow of your former self yes you ain't lost since mania it looks grea on paper but how many matches have you had? I can only remember 2 since summerslam you may as well be a part timer with that activity don't worry dat kid gav will go easy on you not for your sake but for the IWT universe sake because gav wants you to be fit enough for your match in 2 week against that disease known as frank the jock anyway gav got to go got some chavettes to go smash see you on thursday dat kid