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    *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the middle of the ring wearing a suit and tie instead of his usual tracksuit he'd normally wear*

    (Gav the chav) right gavs got a few things to say so listen up first I wanna congratulate alias antonio on winning the x division belt I know we had our differences in the past but gav sees you as a perfect leader for the X-division and you proved that by taking the belt from david who was the longest reigning champ at the time which is a great achievement me and my man farooq have big plans which your gunna like trust me when I say this in a few months I guarantee the x division is the hottest division in this company but those plans will be revealed later

    *gav takes off the suit and tie and reveals his tracksuit he was wearing underneath*

    Right now now on to those cheeky ****s the order a few weeks ago they went toe to toe with me and b.dazzle and got a lucky win against us and now they think they're big and clever well let me tell you something right now and you can all hold me to this just when I told you all that I would be responsible for taking down the cure and I was right and again I'm gunna do the same again to the order throw me in a match with all of them and I'll show you there no match for the chav

    *the crowd starts cheering and gav waits for them to settle down before carrying on*

    Now on to those other cheeky ****s dat kid and his bitches david and jwab @Dat Kid thinks hes a god but we all know hes lost it he was once great if not the best in this company but then he ran into me yes ok so what he won but has he won since? Has he fuck the beating gav gave him has well and truly he took it out of him the opposition hes faced since before he would of wiped the floor with them but instead he can't get a single win maybe it was best if gohan won so he could finally piss off before he embarrasses himself anymore

    Now on to all you pricks who think they have a chance at winning the rumble OH MY GOD are you taking the piss I've never laugh so hard in my life your all like im gunna win the rumble I'm gunna win the rumble thanks for the lols guys but there is only gunna be on winner and his name starts with g and ends in v gav the fucking chav

    @Trip in the Head
    @Dat Kid

    Come at me!
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  2. Dat Kid walks out of the crowd to no music. There are no followers with him. Kid hops over the barricade. He paces ringside looking at gav the chav before climbing up to the apron. Kid enters the ring and snatches the mic out of gab's hand.

    You all didn't want to listen to God's words, so now I'll keep things short and sweet.

    You wanted me out here Gav, I'm out here, but the appearance of God comes at a price. You think I'm weak. That's some strong words coming from a man such as yourself. How about you back it up right now. You vs me in a match, right now....winner gets the loser's Royal Rumble number in addition to their own.

    Since I'm just a washed up competitor it should be no problem for a hotshot such as yourself, right? Or is everything you just said a lie, a false prophecy?

    Dat Kid shoves the mic back at Gav
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  3. ooc if I never had a match tomorrow id do it I like the stipulation too as well shame :(
  4. ooc: there's still friday and saturday :jeritroll: or do you not want that stip
  5. I can squeeze you in Saturday im sensing someone wants that number 30

    you're on chav v dat kid the rematch
  6. @Shadow @Jonathan
  7. Sounds good with me, it'll be up Saturday.
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  8. Nah, you've just had a match. Do it after the PPV and give it some build.
  9. See below :lol1:
  10. OOC: Didn't get an alert lol.
  11. *Above
    Also, it could be a dark match if they're intent on having a match.
  12. Dark match after the PPV, he's just had a match before the PPV, it's not fair on others.
  13. I guess I'm keeping my number 30 then
  14. The match's stip is to get the other person's number, we've just built it in this thread as well as a previous match from before which gives me some animosity between me and gav. I see no reason that this can't happen other than you not wanting me to have a match.
    Can you back me up congressman shadow
  15. Doesn't matter, it's not fair on others.
  16. You were about to have a battle royal where the winner got additional numbers up until all the spots got filled. The match was already planned to be "unfair".
  17. By unfair I mean you have 2 matches and other's having 1 or none.

    It's a no, do it after the PPV.
  18. OOC:random guy in a turban chants" LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!" before security takes out accusing him of attempting a terrorist attack
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  19. Its a dark match
  20. Dark matches are for fun, if someone is jealous that Kid and Gav have a dark match and they don't then they can always make an open challenge and get their own dark match.