gav the chav backstage interview with michal cole

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  1. (michael cole) hello there folks today i'm joined by iwt top star gav the chav so gav first of what are your thoughts on the on going feud between dx and jonathans all stars?

    (gav the chav) well cole i couldn't give a flying fuck to be honest on one side you have @Dat Kid From Jersey who came crawling back here after he completely fucked up at running fsw lets be honest it was destined to fail from the start and on the other side we have jonathan 90% of the roster hates the stupid scruffy mackam **** but to be honest i don't think he's that bad he really isn't a lot of people backstage give him a lot of grief without realising all the hard work he does backstage i mean for a normal person like me and you it wouldn't take much for us to do but for jonathan well he's a mackam there a differant breed compared to me, you and everyone backstage things that seem simple to me and you take a lot out of people like jonathan it really does then he gets grief of people saying he does fuck all around here but he believes in his mind that he does a lot don't worry jonathan gav understands and he will always support and at survior series team jonathan should pull through

    (michael cole) ok next question last night your tag team partner b.dazzle was defeat by someone you recently had a running with @Queen Chrysalis what are your thoughts on her?

    (gav the chav) SLAG! Next question

    (michael cole) urm...ok fair enough at survior series the dazzling chavs go up against the cure do have a message for them?

    (gav the chav) you see what it is cole there a bunch of cheeky little ****s lets start of with the guy who i had a lot of respect aids johnson what the fuck is going on with him i used to look up to him when i started of i thought one day i'm gunna be as big as that guy one day i'm gunna be as as him and win the IWT title but look at him now whats going on aids you lost your title to a fucking girl gavin is very dissappointed in you aids johnson get it sorted will ya

    now let me move on to our opponants at survior series @TheOvalhead ben dover and alias antonio @THG? first of why the fuck @Jonathan picked them 2 over me and b.dazzle i'll never understand but anyway its done now so fuck it to be honest they probably won't be fit enough after me and b.dazzle do unspeakable things to them i espescially can't wait to get my hands on ben dover after all this time we finally meet in the ring i'm gunna remove that little stupid fucking head of his from those shoulders of his oh boy i can't wait for it and as for alias well he needs to shut the fuck up about beating aids johnson @Potato Dick Muncher in an irrelevent match seriously he mentions it in every single fucking promo its doing my tits in

    (michael cole) ok one last question hows things at home?

    (gav the chav) well my dad dave @Crayo ain't seen him in a while hes found a new bird and moved in with her and has ditched me once again she must be blind coz av you seen thd state of him and as for my mam @Seabs shes the same old slag but i wouldn't swap her for nobody
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  2. *As Gav the Chav walks away Micheal Cole watches. When the camera shifts back to Cole Dick Tripin is seen standing behind him*
    Dick: Ohhhh Mr. Coooooollllle............*Dick places his hand on Cole's shoulder. Micheal Cole looks startled :shock: and then turns around slowly. Dick Tripin head butts Micheal Cole hard right in his nose. Cole goes down and starts bleeding from his nose as well as his eyes watering from the blow to his nose*
    Dick: I never did like you. Hope you like the Dick-head-butt. Later loser.
    *Dick Tripin stands over Micheal Cole and gives a strong DX chop. Security is heard running down the hall and Dick takes off into the darkness*

    OOC: I really hate Micheal Cole lol
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  3. Ooc: i don't mind cole tbh hes know jim ross though
  4. OOC: He annoys the HELL out of me. And JBL ain't much better. When they argue I'm just like :stfu: please! Lawler saves it for me but I know quite a few people have issues with his personal life and how he has conducted himself in the past. Oh well. He's still more entertaining than JBL and Cole put together.