Storyline gav the chav calls out Britanica

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the middle of the ring*

    (Gav the chav) right listen up you see what it is right the order are starting to get right on my tits now they think there big and clever doing all this bullshit they've pulled of they started with me by putting me in hospital after going through my toughest match yet against dat kid then a week later me and dazzle gave them a chance to go one on one with the chavs only for gav to coincidently be struck down with illness and leaving gav unable to compete then the cheeky ****s go and kidnap alias antonio and brain wash the poor little **** then to top it all off they somehow manage to corrupt the mind of gavs favourite black man farooq causing him to turn on his friend rodrigo its about time someone stood up to these cheeky ****s!

    *crowd cheers*

    Now gav could go the obvious rout and call all of them out and beat every single one of them but gav knows that's not gunna get rid of them oh no to take down a group like the order you need to strike at the core the one thats running things behind the scenes so thats why I'm issuing a challenge to Britanica take her out and the rest of them will be set free from her curse I want you brit one on one in this ring anytime any place I'm gunna give you 24hrs to respond don't make me come looking for you or your gunna face the full wrath of the chav
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  2. *wolves howling can be heard as the lights cut out*
    *the lights come back on and Britanica is shown on the titantron.*
    *it appears she is out in the wilderness... Again...*

    "Gav... Gav... Gav... You certainly want an ass beating don't you? *Britanica laughs obnoxiously* The men... These tough, brave, ruthless men aren't under any kind of spell... No. They just walked the same path I have. I was mocked for everything I was... And shunned for everything I wasn't. You, too, have something in common with us. But you will never be one of us because you don't respect the darkness... Or yourself. *The crowd boos and a small pop of howling begins* You blame your faults on sickness? Is that your crutch? From my own personal experiences... You can't get by in life on a crutch... And you certainly can't make it through the IWT alive with one either. Just ask Dat Kid... That cane of his is weaker by the night. He will fall, and when he does, you will all scream BLASPHEMY! *Britanica laughs again as she turns the camera from herself to a two black cats sitting behind her - in the distance Trip & Marcus can be seen by the fire eating some kind of meat* If you think you have what it takes to beat the Night... Walk into the darkness. But don't cry a river when you can't find the light."
    *Britanica laughs as the camera closes in on Fenris as he leads the black cats into the heavily wooded and dark area - the camera cuts out*
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  3. *gav climbs out the ring and slowly begins to walk backstage whilst talking*

    (Gav the chav) take it you ain't gunna come out here fine fuck it I'll come and find you but when gav gets his hands on you the only one seeing darkness is you when I knock you the fuck out come on you little slag where are ya?

    *gav goes behind the curtain to find find her and heads to her old office first with a cameraman*

    I bet she's in here the little slag knock knock brit its time for you to feel the might of gavs bit

    *gav kicks the door down and charges into the office only to find @Jonathan eating yet another Domino's pizza*

    You fucking fat **** get some salad in you once in a while for fuck sake have you seen brit im gunna rip her head off when I get hold of her *Jonathan shakes his head * fine see ya later I bet shes in the trips and marcus Anthony s dressing room getting spit roasted from the 2 of them while slias and farooq are sat in the corner wanking each other off

    *gav heads towards the dressing room and charges in only to find nobody there*

    For fuck sake is it that hard to find 1 woman? *gav pauses to think for a moment* oh yeah why didn't I think of that before the fucking kitchen I bet she's in there right now fixing up some sandwiches for the lads

    *gav heads towards the kitchen and walks in but still has no luck*

    oh fuck ths shit I can't be arsed looking anymore im going back to the ring brit if you're watching this and if you wanna piece of the chav you will come and see me in the ring right now you can even bring your little friends with you I don't mind ill be sat waiting in the ring waiting for you but hurry up for fuck sake

    *gav heads towards the ring to wait for @Britanica *
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  4. OOC: LOL @ the Jono bit and the kitchen jokes Gav. Not so sure what "spit roasted" means, but I have a good idea hahaha. Oh wait, a spit is a pole they roast pigs on isn't it? Yup, called that one. :dawg: I was thinking like *pa-tooie* spit at first lol
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  5. Yes haha I make it up as I go along
  6. Same here. Thats why those pre-written promos baffle me sometimes
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  7. Yes sometimes I have an idea what im gunna put other times I just let my fingers take over and see what happens lol
  8. Yeah, same here again. I might have an idea of stuff I want to do but NOTHING I write is written beforehand (except our intro, but thats a given as it is just about the same every time)
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  9. *Marcus Anthony appears on the titantron while Gav is confused and frustrated that he can't find Britanica*
    Marcus: *laughs* Well well well, the little chav can't find Britanica. Must take a set of stones to call her out especially knowing full well she isn't there. How could she be near a fire with us and at the arena at the same time? Must be that education system in the UK giving us their best and brightest. *Marcus laughs again while the crowd boos* You can stand in that ring all you want, barking away cracking jokes pandering to those hillbillies that love nothing more than cheering you on. The joke is on you gav....because the one thing WE embrace, is your worst enemy

    *The Arena goes dark and the only thing going on is the sound of laughter through the sound system*
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  10. *the lights come back on and Britanica is seen standing behin Gav with a chair, soon as he turns around BAM! right in the kisser*
    *she grabs a mic and stands over him*

    "You wanted the darkness, NOW YOU HAVE IT! You think this is a game? Some sort of fairytale? DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO WOULD JOKE AROUND!? *Britanica screams into the mic and kicks Gav as he crawls to the corner to stand back up* This isn't Twilight and there ain't nothing about me that glitters. You mock what this group stands for. The shame of your whole nation rests on you. The Night gets what it wants. The Moon... She owes no one favors. You are a clown. A peasant among royals. The last thing you should have done was wake the hounds. *Britanica laughs as Fenris comes from under the ring and begins to circle it* Tick...Tock... Goes the old wooden clock - Time is almost up for you all! *the crowd boos* I didn't come back to the IWT to be talked down to by the likes of you, or anyone of you out there! I came back to reclaim what was mine. To take back my throne... And come hell or high water.. It shall be so. No one in this establishment gives me credit and no one wants a taste of what carnage I can release. *Britanica begins to pace the ring* I am not some weak and humble dip shit that walks around with cats and gets pissed on... NO! I am a leader. My pack never backs down. We will do what we please and no one will stop us. No.. Not even god. Yeah, Dat Kid... You pathetic worm... I am referring to you. ( @Dat Kid ) You piss poor excuse of a man. *Britanica stops pacing and gets in Gavs face* I will unleash hell upon you and you will regret the day you taunted the darkness."
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  20. *B.Dazzle watches from the lockeroom.*

    Dazzle: B.Dazzle will help Gav when he needs me. Oh look, it's Trip. B.Dazzle remembers when he threw his candy ass over the top rope in the Rumble match.
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