Storyline gav the chav calls out the cure

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) oi @Trip in the Head cheeky **** look at me I'm stood in the ring for once instead of behind the titantron go fucking me

    Now the other day right I came out here and announce to you all the chavs were disbanding forever but then to everyones surprise the cure came out and issued a challenge which I of course accepted now as you can guess this will be our final match together and gav hopes that win or lose we give you all a match to remember

    now last time we faced the cure we put on one hell of a match and is still probably gavs favourite match hes ever competed in iwt and since that night the cure have since been extinct ben dovers had a little personality change and won him self a belt and alias antonio is IWT champ... oh shit I forgot the silly **** choked on the big stage and lost to fucking bruce knight hahahahaha fucking bellend

    But seriously though I'm glad the cure challenge us this match is what IWT should be about we don't need to fight over any belts theres no bad blood between us were just 4 guys who are happy to kick the shot out of each other then go backstage and have a laugh about it over a few pints so gav basically came out here to say thank you and see you at the ppv gav looks forward to smashing both your faces in

    @THG? @God Ovalhead Fan For Life @B.Dazzle feel free to add to it
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  2. *Lord Lee is sat on an aeroplane, his Euro belt on his lap. He has sparking wine in a glass, he smiles and then takes a sip, putting in his drink holder.*

    Lord Lee: Hello there, I thought I should speak to you again before our match, being formal as per usual. I want you to understand, considering the usually highly ego-centric nature of chavs, that you are the underdog, you may have won our previous tag team match meeting, back when you were put on a huge hype train created by the elitest managment system. So before you attempt using your past tag-team victory as a reason you will win, remember I've beaten Dazzle twice and you once, you have vanished as a team and I could confidently bet you my £2.5b net worth that Dazzle is so damn bitter you, without a warning ended your tag team with him....IN PUBLIC!!

    So it's funny you say there's no bad blood between us two teams, seeing as there's going to be bad blood between the two of you.

    Also... I'm an Upper-class elitest, who think people like you should be enslaved to me, but you know what, you've made a name for yourself in this company, unlike all the other chavs who dodge benefits, because we all know rich people like me obey the law and NEVER avoid taxes, and I mean never would we do such a thing!

    And about the 'pints' chap, I don't consume lager, I like fine wine myself!

    *Lord Lee chuckles, picks up his glass and puts it towards the camera lens.*

    Lord Lee: Dazzling Chavs....CHEERS!!

    *Lord Lee winks and takes a gulp of it, the feed ends.*
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  3. *As Sir Lee's feed ends, Alias Antonio's new theme song
    resounds throughout the arena, with smoke arising from the arena floor, and in the midst of it, Alias Antonio walks out to a huge ovation from the crowd. Alias is still slightly but visibly worn out from his match with Kid, but that doesn't stop Alias grinning from ear to ear, proudly wearing his @Aids Johnson IRRELEVANT hoodie, along with the WHC on his shoulder and some denim trousers as he saunters down to the ring. Before entering the ring, he takes a lengthy look at the vociferous crowd, embracing the "A-LI-AS!" chants. He finally enters the ring and the first thing he does is shake Gav's hand, as he whispers a few stuff to Gav's ear, smiling in between. Alias grabs a mic.*

    It's certainly been a while since myself and "The Hardest Man On Planet Earth" Gav The Chav have shared the same squared circle. When I think of the last time the both of us were in the same ring, it's reminiscent of bad times I was going through. As much as I have my good moments, I go through some very rough patches, and although I was the reigning defending IWT Tag Champ along with Ben Dover, I just didn't feel me out there and I was this close to quitting IWT after a bust-up with IWT Managament, and I had planned Survivor Series to be my last show and head back to the indies. That night though, Survivor Series, that was possibly the worst night of my life. Me and Ben faced you and Dazzle in a losing effort and we lost OUR belts. Then later on that show, I was on the losing 5 vs. 5 team. I was certain that I'd overstayed my welcome here in IWT and it was time to pack up my bags and leave this joint. But one thing that I believe in is that something good must even out something bad. And when that PPV was done, Jonathan and other members of Management approached me and talked about my future. They saw something in me, and they said that something in me wasn't developing fast enough, but they were kind enough to give me the chance of developing that something special, and that's how Ben Dover vs. Alias Antonio surged and we got to work some magic, and after that match I realized I had developed that something special. And the rest after that is history and you all got to witness the rise of Doble A. But what I'm getting at is, if it wasn't for Ben, for Dazzle or for Gav, Alias Antonio may have never become the guy he is today.

    All of you opened up immense opportunities for me, and it'll personally be my honor to take part in the Dazzling Chavs' last match.

    *Alias smirks at Gav and chucks the mic at him, before leaving the ring and heading backstage*
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