Storyline gav the chav calls out the order

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  1. *gav appears on the titantron*

    (Gav the chav) right listen up what it is right the order are a bunch of cheeky ****s last week at uprising my friend and tag team partner b.dazzle was about to take on marcus Anthony one on one in a match but obviously as you all know that match didn't happen thanks to that prick @Trip in the Head

    now earlier on that night as you all know trip well and truly kicked gavs arse gav ain't gunna make any excuses he earned that wiin and deserves full credit for the win no excuses

    *you suck chant starts*

    Here cheeky ****s shut the fuck up you pricks you know what you all think gavs some sort of joke don't you not a single one of you takes gav serious do you well from this very moment shit is about to get serious from now on no more mister jokester I tell you all I'm genuinely hard as fuck and its about time I showed you all just who you are all dealing with and this starts at IWTMANIA when the dazzling chavs collide with the order that shit they pulled off last week will not happen again you see gav ain't scared of the order and gav will never give in to those cheeky ****s they should just how weak they really are by attacking my mate b.dazzle clearly they knew my main man was about to kick arse so they decide to attack him from behind and put him in hospital meaning the match couldn't happen and if you think about doing the same to gav then gav says just bring it bitch!
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  2. *About 30 secs of random crowd chants go by with no response. Gav the Chav, still on the titantron, crosses his arms and awaits a response from the Order. In the background of the shot two shadowy figures are seen moving around slowly and the crowd reacts to the sight with gasps and shouts. Gav pays no attention to the crowds reactions.*
    GAV: Heh, I knew they didn't have the balls to show up. Pussies.
    *The two shadowy figures come up behind Gav without him noticing. The shadowy figures turn out to be Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony - The Order. They stand behind Gav the Chav for a few moments, staring at him menacingly, as the crowd is going crazy! OR-DER! OR-DER! OR-DER! Gav the Chav looks annoyed and confused with the crowd until he starts to get the hint and turns around, right into a hard right hand from Marcus, knocking Gav to the ground. Trip and Marcus begin to stomp the hell out of Gav as the camera man re-positions the camera to see more of the attack. Gav holds his arms up to cover his face but Trip and Marcus stomp on his mid-section instead. Marcus bends down and picks Gav up by his hair. Trip walks down a hallway ahead of them and clears the space around a table that is next to a soda machine. Marcus picks up Gav into a fireman's carry position, subsequently flipping Gav off and through the table. The crew members all around gasping at the carnage. Gav, hard as fuck as he is, is still trying to get up though. Trip notices and grabs him by the nape of his neck*
    TRIP: You want MORE!?!
    *Trip stands gave up and starts to Irish whip Gav in one direction, then stopping and reversing the direction -sending Gav flying back first into the soda machine and indenting the the front of the machine with Gav's body. A few Barq's root beer fall out of the machine and Trip picks one up, opening it and taking a sip*
    TRIP: Mmmmm, Barq's does have bite!
    *Trip slams the 3/4 full can of soda into Gav the Chav's head, knocking him once more to the floor. Trip squats down next to Gav who is barely moving now.*
    TRIP: There, consider this us "bringing it"......bitch. *Trip stands up and walks away. Marcus follows behind, but stops and puts his foot on Gav's chest first. Looking down at him Marcus says*
    MARCUS: Should have just given in when you had the chance.
    *Marcus slams his foot into Gav's chest one last time before exiting the area the same way Trip did. EMTs and other staff are coming to tend to the fallen Gav the Chav*

    OOC: Not too it???
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  3. "Why are you guys so at each other? Darn! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU GUYS FIGHTING *Starts Crying* AND ALL YOU DO IS FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Gav and Trip. I WANT YOU TO STOOOOOOOP!!"


    " @gav the chav i challenge you to a match! If you lose you can't say cheeky ****(s)! Deal?"​
  4. :no:

    I might next weekend if you remind me
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  5. *cough*After Mania*cough*
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