gav the chav celebrates man city's capital one cup victory

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  1. * gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring wearing a man City shirt*

    ( Gav the chav) now you're all probably wondering just where the fuck is Jonathan? Righ now ges probably crying into his pillow why you may ask? Well did any of you watch the almighty man City crush poor Sunderland and all there fans hopes and dreams it was fucking beautiful lets watch this magnificent moment together

    Hahaha there absolutely fucking shite ain't fucking shit team shit manager shit club shit fans they may as well rename their stadium the stadium of shite now let gav show you how one would deal with these cheeky ****s known as man city and how to win a cup final

    1st video how to deal with man city

    2nd video how to win a cup final

    hahahaha thats how you fucking do it Jonathan
    Much, much better than that piss poor performance from your team as I'm sure you'll all agree your defenders can't defend and your fucking strikers can't even hit row z to save there life I guess we will see you in the Championship next year good luck getting out of it thats all gav can say

    @Delik someone had to do it

    @Crayo and others feel free to join gav and laugh at Jonathan
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  2. Suck it Jonathan you fat wanka'
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  3. *Farooq watches backstage while eating a taco* I don't know what this is... but soccer is funny to watch.
  4. Our defenders can defend. We were struck by 2 wonder goals and 1 great counter attack while we were pushing to equalise..

    It doesn't matter, we'll just win the more important FA Cup anyway :obama:

    I've had farts louder than City fans
  5. Lol tbf Sunderland put in a good performance that yaya toure goal was one sexy goal I just wanted to do it in my oen gav the chav chatting shit style I'm surprised nobody beat me to it lol

    also was hoping for you to cut a promo on boro *hint * *hint*
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  6. Haha I would but I'm still knackered, took 2.5 hours to get 2 mile from Wembley car park onto the M1.. sat for 2 hours just getting out of the car park! Absolutely shocking planning by the stadium management..
  7. Lol not surprised you are lol at least you got to experience it only comes around now and again for us small clubs