gav the chav debut

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  1. gav the chavs music hits and make his way towards the ring and grabs a mic

    (gav the chav) here you cheeky fucking little pricks im gav the chav and i'm hard as fuck and im gunna knock everyone of you little pricks backstage out you walk around here with your fancy little belts you all look like a bunch of bellends you bunch of pricks i'm gunna nick them all of ya especially that intercontinental title coz it goes with my new tracky and nike air maxs you pack of scruffy ****s

    *crowd boos loudly*

    HERE! Don't boo me you stupid ****s ill snap ya jaws and nick your car in the car park you bunch of pricks!

    Gav throws the mic in the crowd and storms out the arena

    OCC i hope didn't break any rules lol
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  2. Duke Nukem makes his way to the ring from the back

    Duke Nukem just saw some idiot come out and challenge The IC champion i have five words for you....blow it out your ass

    *hands gesturing to come out and fight*
  3. Gav The Chav and Duke Nukem? What has the world come to..
  4. (gav the chav) here m8 who you starting you cheeky **** i'll come down there and knock you out ya lil prick you call your self duke nukem hahaha your last game was a pile of shite go back to the 90's and do one ya prick
  5. *Jacob watching in the backstage*

    More rookies! Come on, this company has lost its essence... Are we now admitting untalented people like this new guys or what? I thought this was a place to wrestle, not a pub just to have beers with friends and think you are talented because you come out with two or three shitty phrases...
  6. Duke Nukem: Guess again freakshow, I'm coming back to town and the last thing your gonna see before you die is my size thirteen boot.
  7. As the camera goes to pan away from Colton, Aids pushes it back into place, and walks up face to face.

    You want to see something special? Keep your eyes on the main screen, i'm about to put some gold around my waist.

    *Aids walks away, as colton stands in place, yelling out to him "where do i look?"