gav the chav demands to be involved in the pre show

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  1. *gav the chavs music hits wearing his new tracksuit he's just stolen from JD sports and he doesn't look happy*

    (gav the chav) oi jonathan or dat kid get the fuck outta here right now and put me in the battle royle at summerslam now you bunch of pricks im gav the chav and im better than every single one of them faggots in that match put me in now or i will find out where you live you scruffy little mackam and put your windows through come on get out of here and put me in the mother fucking match!
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  2. *A Shadow appears on the Rafters of the Arena, sitting on the Rafters*
    Nightmare: You Honestly think you deserve to be in the PPV? I mean come on, They should let better people into IWT, Not Self Entitled Pricks like you.....
    Listen up, Sonny Boy.....You think you can threaten people like that? Ha.....Give them more of a threat.....Like me....Up here dangling, I could fall ya know....Only, I know what I'm doing. I'm not in Summerslam either....Put if someone deserves a shot during pre-show, it's definitely not you!
  3. (gav the chav) here don't call me sunny boy you stupid prick before i come up there and knock you out i deserve to be in that match because im gav the chav and im hard as fuck you call yourself what? nightmare oooh! is that suppose to be scary i've had scarier wet dreams than you do one you stupid **** and crawl under whatever rock you came from
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  4. Nightmare: You know, I could just slither down to that ring right now and beat your head in.....but I don't think your worth it.....
    *Nightmare stands up on the rafters*
    Nightmare: You think....You Think you can come up here? You do and the last thing you'll see is your life flashing before you....That's right, I'll kill you and I won't even feel any remorse for it.....I'd be doing the world a Favour, getting rid of another useless soul in this world.....I've taken out so many so called 'chavs' before.....what makes you so special, you worthless, Waste of a Body?
  5. (gav the chav) slither? What are you a snake now ill tie you in a knot you stupid prick come on you twat get down here so i can batter you who do you think you are? The chav slayer? Hahahahaha don't make me laugh come down here and ill cut you up you prick
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  6. *Nightmare starts to hum from the top of the rafters, then begins to sing*
    Nightmare: One, Two, I want some more.....Three, Four, Kick down the door.....Five, Six, Burn all the Pics.....Seven, Eight, Kill Brother Nate....Nine, Ten...*He stops singing*..Your time's come...Your Next....
    *Nightmare Vanishes from the Rafters*
  7. (gav the chav) where the fuck did that lil prick go? i hope he took my advice and fucked off like i told him too the stupid fucking snake hahaha now where the fuck is jonathan im still waiting in fact pass me that mother fucking chair i ain't leave this ring until jonathan or that other prick gets out here
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  8. *Nightmare appears on the Screen,surrounded by shadows*
    Nightmare: I Simply came back here...I was getting quite bored of my new 'Plaything' If your even worthy of that Title.....I love screwing with people's heads you see, especially the new guys or Chavs.....Calling me names won't keep me back from taking your soul.....I Shall Take my Leave....Yet, You.....Won't be coming back.....Once we face each other one on one!
    *Nightmare Laughs as he goes back into the shadows, then Vanishes*
  9. (gav the chav) thank fuck that little pricks gone take my soul? Haha now he thinks he is the grim reaper! Oh god so thats the nightmare and duke nukem who want a piece of me whos next fucking hornswaggle?
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  10. *video plays of gav the chavs tracksuits and vauxhall corsa getting burnt out in the carpark*
    "best go and get your shit gav i know your benfits wont be enough to replace it all"
  11. (gav the chav) oi duke you fucking prick what do you think you doing ya stupid prick wait until i get my hands on you i will seriously fuck you up well and truly just you wait oh hold on hahahaha you stupid prick i stole the lot of ya the other night hahaha you just burn't your own car and clothes you thick **** guess im gunna have to twok some more of someone else hahaha anyway whilst your here i propose a triple threat match between me you and that other prick nightmare do you accept my challenge or are you both a bunch of fags?
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  12. This is amazing.
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  13. gav the chav is love, gav the chav is life
  14. These promos are brilliant!
  15. "i accept your match i will come and kick your burberry loving chav ass back to the council estate you came from right after i finish my other match at summerslam and you cant of stolen them off me i dont wear tracksuits and i drive a spaceship"
  16. OOC- This is the greatest promo thread ever.
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  18. (ooc) thanks guys!

    (gav the chav) good now just waiting for that other prick to accept then i will be able to bray the fuck out of you ****s and really you shoot aliens i didn't know that i never got chance to play that pile of shite of a game you call duke nukem forever
  19. OOC This is some of the funniest shit ive ever read.
  20. OOC- Gav's promos made me legit lol. Best character I've seen here haha.