gav the chav has finally chosen nightmares opponent for iwt uprising

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  1. Forrest

    *gavs music hits as he makes his way to the ring he seems calm today*

    (gav the chav) orite peeps just here to make an little announcment regarding who will face nightmare at uprising i've looked through the roster and found a perfect match for the little prick the person i've chosen seems to think he's better than everyone he believes he will be the next star of iwt but he's just a complete deluded prick the person facing nightmare at uprising will be... NICK! Nick1698 over to you now nightmare chose anyone you want ill beat them all coz im the hardest mother fucker in iwt hahaha peace out bitches

    (ooc) kept it clean(ish) for today
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  2. OOC: Will cut a promo tomorrow. A lot of my promo will depend on whether or not I win the battle royal, so ill be waiting for the results