gav the chav has unfinshed buisness with ben dover

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  1. *a bloody and battered gav the chav makes his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) right i'm gunna keep this short and quick ben dover i believe we had unfinished buisness and i want to settle this right here right now so tomorrow me and you are gunna have a match it will be a special guest referee match that special guest referee will be ak Stopspot coz i want him to see what happens when you fuck with gav the chav you have untill 12pm to respond i'll be sat right here waiting!

    ooc: over to you TheOvalhead

  2. *Dover slowly walks out, making his way to the ramp, with a menacing grin on his face*

    Dover: Nice look Gavin, the red crimson red on your face really compliments your wonky nose and pointy ears. It's also nice to see you've finally had an actual fight, seeing as shouting at old people doesn't count..

    I'll make it short and sweet; kinda like your penis, except your penis isn't sweet, trust me, your sister is a brilliant penis analyst. Our feud can only; I repeat ONLY be sorted out through a SUBMISSION MATCH, if you're so tough, and if you're so difficult to break down, then surely you won't tap to THE PENETRATOR, Dexx Duggan tapped out instantly to it; and he still struggled to breath 10 minutes after the match ended.

    I refuse to pin you, but I also refuse to give you the opportunity to get a lucky pin against me, if you are truly destined for greatness, then you'll need to tap me out first.

    What do you say inbred?
  3. OOC: Dover refusing to lay on top of someone? What has this world come to?
  4. Dover: Oh, and about Alki, why don't we give him ringside seats, give him some snacks and let him enjoy me turning you into processed dog food, might be awkward if some of your blood gets in his popcorn though, that's if farmers even eat popcorn...
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    (gav the chav) come on you little prick why won't you face me in a normal match? Your scared ain't ya coz you know what will happen let me tell you the bell will ring you'll come charging at me you'll throw punch after punch but not a single one will land then BOOM! Gav the chav lands a big overhand right sending you to the canvas 1..2...3 gav the chav wins! That is why you won't face me innit this is your last opportunity to accept my challenge are you in?
  6. Dover: Sounds like you're scared of being "penetrated", unlike your sister, which you know from experience :)
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  7. (gav the chav) come on accept my challenge you little prick or im walking outta here!
  8. *gav make his way backstage after becoming fed up of waiting for ben dover*

    (gav the chav) last chance ben!

  9. *gav turns around and heads back to the ring*

    (gav the chav) fuck it you want a submission match you got it but your gunna have to wait now till saturday that give you 5 days to prepare

    *gav then pulls out the dildo which he inserted into ak's anus earlier and slaps ben [email protected] accross the face with it sending him to the canvas gav then leaves the arena*
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  10. OOC: This dildo stuff is gold.:dawg:
  11. *Ben Dover actually avoids the dildo but nonetheless plays possum, a few minutes later, Ben Dover catches up with Gav and hits Gav with Gav's sisters dildo*

    Dover: See ya soon neanderthal!

    *Dover gets in his Ferrari F50 and drives off playing "We Fly High" by Jim Jones

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