gav the chav international predictions contest

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav in da BPL!, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. gunna test a new way of doing this and hope it works just fill in the form below

    once complete post your predictions in here in case it doesn't submit
    croatia v belgium

    Ukraine v poland

    Denmark v italy

    Netherlands v hungary

    Germany v ireland

    England v montenegro
    Spain v belerus

    Columbia v chile

    Argentina v peru

    Wales v macedonia

    Robbie Coletrain
    are you in?

    Thanks to nanorah14 for making the form for me :)
  2. Sweden v Austria on Friday as well.
  3. Ok. The link is broken, but nevermind.

    Click here and you'll be redirected to the form.

    If you can't see the form, let me know.
  4. I'm not putting much hope on wales....Most of their best guys are unavailable but I still believe we'll get a goal....
  5. Inb4 says Bale.
  6. I Don't even think Bale will make a difference....I think it'll be someone else like Easter or Church for that matter who scores the winner.
  7. Ramsey?
  8. Ramsey, With him it depends on his club form so atm I can see him assisting with a goal or two.
  9. But Bale can do a good match overall. If he's good overall he may assist to his team mates. Anyways, a man doesn't change a match, Bale is injured and he still needs more experience imo.
  10. Didn't make the cut i'm affraid
  11. If the thread has Gav the Chav in it, you know i'm down.
  12. Oh well, Sweden won 2-1. Gotta love Ibra.
  13. Wales won 1-0.....Simon Church, What a player for Wales!
  14. I won? I won! I WON!
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  15. And Elmander's antics ;)
  16. #HeelTurn :otunga:
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