gav the chav live Q and A session

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  1. host: hello and welcome to gav the chavs live Q and A session if you have a question for gav just ask and he will answer whatever question you have

    (gav the chav) cheers mate now which one of you pricks is gunna go first come on ask me anything you want
  2. Where can I find Redguard woman in Skyrim?
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  3. (gav the chav) fuck knows mate never played that shite game more of a cod player meself
  4. Where's wally?

  5. He's bucking your mam right now you stupid prick
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  6. *gavs manager intervenes*

    Gav's manager: can we keep questions iwt related please thank you
  7. Why is Gav the Chav the best wrester in IWT and hasn't fought the big ones yet?
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    (gav the chav) didn't anyone tell? I'm gav the chav and i'm hard as fuck me mate and why havn't i faced any of the big ones yet? Because that just plain stupid would you begin to learn how to box then demand a match with the great man himself floyd mayweather jnr in your first fight? No you wouldn't you'd get annialated same applys here if i had a match right now with Aids Johnson he'd defeat me with ease i've got to earn a shot at him the first step is to defeat Forrest bruce knight then i'm going for TheOvalhead ben dover then who knows? Maybe incognito Crayo if he shows up again
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  9. Scale of soft to hard as fuck, how hard is gav the chav?
  10. (gav the chav) so you wanna know how hard gav the chav is eh? Well let me tell you no wait in fact tune into uprising on thursday and you will see when i knock that little prick out known as bruce knight Forrest when i'm done with him you will shit yourself quite literally so make sure you clean up ok just remember aids i'm coming for you hahahahaha
  11. Whats better nike or adidas?
    Do you go "mosher bashing"?
    Have you ever been to prison?
  12. Have you got a few words for The Cure?
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  13. OOC: between the judge and volleyball team. continue with the q&a
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  14. (gav the chav) whoah! calm down there on the questions gavs little brain can't handle it well i'm wearing all nike so nike i guess and do i go mosher bashing? of course i do you thick fuck can't stand those depressing little pricks and have i been to prison? yes when gav was younger i was in the big house
  15. (gav the chav) how long have you got? well back when gav was running the streets there was this gang called MS13 you may of heard of them pretty badass ain't they well gav and his crew well and truly fucked them up hahahaha those were good times well now gav is in IWT gav is gunna make sure they suffer the same fate starting with ben dover and ending with aids
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  16. Why isn't Gav the Chav as dazzling as me?
  17. (gav the chav) oi! Shut up you cheeky little knobhead i'm gav the chav and im stronger, faster, better and certainly more dazzeling than you watch your mouth or you will face the same fate as bruce knight, ben dover aids johnson and all the other prick who are members of the cure are gunna face in the near future
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  18. (gav the chav) come on next question if your brave enough!
  19. Who will I have to beat up to have you shut up and fight me?
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  20. (gav the chav) here who you starting you silly little prick you wanna fight eh? Fuck off you stupid bellend don't tell me to shut up you stupid wanker or i'll get up out of this chair and drop you on the spot right now