Voting gav the chav responds to brian mandela

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  1. gav the chav v roadster

  2. gav the chav v roadster v trip in the Head

  1. *gav is backstage waiting to be interviewed*

    Interviewer: So gav hows your father after brian attacked him last night?

    (Gav the chav) here listen up right you wanna know something funny that stupid thick **** attacked the wrong guy apparently it was some top drug dealers dad I guess the thick **** just went and made himself a new enemy hahahaha

    brian listen up right next time your gunna try and attack someone from gavs family here what you need to do and to do it right

    1. Location - yes gav was born and bred in the boro but you see gavs mum is englands number 1 slag she's even fucked the entire IWT roster right now my dad's living in a little shit hole known as Cornwall his name is dave the rave @Crayo and hes a fucking little tramp so if you wanna attack gavs dad thats the guy you want

    2. Zero fucks given - now this one is much, much more important even if you did attack my dad I would not give a flying fuck coz hes a dirty little tramp anyway you could of attacked anyone to be fair and I would not give a single fuck you can attack dazzle for all I care and zero fucks would be given so next time make sure I actually give a fuck will you

    If you really wanna get under gavs skin you gotta do better than that im affraid you little cheeky **** you see im hard as fuck nothing can touch not you not the order not even joey bryant can get to me first im gunna take you down then gavs gunna turn his attention towards the order and finally end this war between us after that fuck knows

    *gav pushes the interviewer aside and leaves*
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  2. *The interviewer catches up with Brain before his match with Nick*

    "What were your thought's on what Gav just said?"

    Brian:"You see i don't care if i nearly bashed to death a old hag who seemed to call gav his son! I don't care if i didn't get under his skin because i'm going to teach him 1 way or another, there's no messing around with me!"​
  3. *as Gav opens the door Trip in the Head is standing in the opening smiling and staring at Gav*
    TRIP: Seems you've been distracted lately Gav. Having some issues with the newbies are you? You wanna show just how tough you are? How about you, me, and this Mandela character in a triple threat at Uprising? That should be no problem for a big tough guy like you Gav, right? I'll be waiting for your answer.
    *the lights go out for a quick second and Trip is gone when they come back on*
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  4. Mine name is Brian Mandela......
  5. Sorry, fixed
  6. @Trip in the Head I've thought about it but I can't decide what to do should I leave it up to the iwt universe to decide like they do on raw with the wwe app
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  7. Fine with me
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  8. I have been told I should go for the IC title, so if this falls through as triple threat maybe I could start that journey.
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  9. Ok poll going up now
  10. I will refrain from voting haha
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  11. Whooo people are so interested in how the match goes (1 vote so far lol)
  12. Lol it was a good idea at the time
  13. Got the voting tag now, maybe that'll help haha
  14. Gav vs Brian II
    would be awesome but 3 way matches will be better, i have a feeling i'm bound to lose....
  15. I guess we'll see should of made the voting longer lol only put 12 hours
  16. I bet a mod could extend it
    @Delik or maybe @Stopspot ???
  17. Nope once there's a vote it can't be changed.
  18. Awww damn it
  19. Im guessing the people wanna see a triple threat match or do they?