gav the chav shows his religious side

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  1. *gav comes out to the ring he enters the ring as the lights begin to dim he kneels down picks up the mic and puts his ands together*

    (gav the chav) our father, who are in prison
    mother knows not his name thy chavdom come, thy shopplifting be done, in jjb sports as it is in poundland
    gives us this day our welfare bread
    and forgive us for our ASBO's as we happy slap those who give evidence against us
    and lead us not in to employment
    but deliver us free housing
    for thine is the chavdom
    the burberry and the blackberry
    for ever and ever
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  2. *An image is shown on the tron*

  3. (gav the chav) oi! You cheeky little knobhead who do think you are? I've seen you whining like a little bitch and so far i've kept quiet but now i'm pissed off don't you dare diss me like that you silly little wanker just coz you ain't big enough to hang with us big boys diss me again like that and i'll come backstage hunt you down then knock you the fuck out!
  4. OOC: I posted the image, but I didn't say it was me who asked the guy who controls the tron to show it... I'm not involved in this, just posted a nosense pic.
  5. you really need to cut this "new members are shit" hate out man. You were new a few months ago, and they will only get better. Have some patience and work with them.
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  6. I'm having a match with a new guy after uprising. It's not that I hate them, the only thing I hate is that they have no gimmick and it seems they're only here to increase their post count. No one wants a midcard title match, they all claim they want a shot at the IWT championship. Almost no one goes step by step. They all want to be the main event with one match experience. That's what annoys me because this isn't the old IWT where everyone who asked for it had a chance. This is the new IWT where you have to prove yourself to get a title shot.
  7. LMFuckingAO as much as he disgraced the our father... this is still great
  8. OOC:What do you mean no one wants a midcard title match? i would be happy with a midcard title match but i am not sure i would even be ready for one yet also what you mean we have no gimmicks gave the chav is a very clear gimmick, i am duke nukem, dx is an australian hunter type person and trip is a sort of horror movie character i think those are all gimmicks.
  9. That's out of character, but in character you all claim you are the best and say you deserve a world title match. Try to say you want some more matches instead of trying to create a new storyline. Just say you're looking for a new challenge and face each other. Most of you don't have a feud or a big match. You are fighting me at Uprising in 5 days so you can start working on that. Make a storyline calling us out and saying some shit that brings attention to the match.
  10. I get what you're saying although i don't think i've asked for a title match yet have i?
  11. No, you haven't, but you should start a feud or something else like that. There you can prove what you really are. This means nothing to me tbh. Ask someone to feud with you (I can't, I'm feuding with the Cure) and have matches eventually. Bring attention making promos talking about your opponent, and maybe more faces would be better. We have about 5 faces and 25 heels so almost every match is a heel vs heel which in my opinion is a bit boring too. Try to be fresh. Don't copy anyone's gimmick or make it look really similar. And try to have matches. That's probably the most important thing in the IWT.
  12. Gav the Chav > ALL
  13. Said the guy who claims the Cure is the best in the world....
  14. Gav The Chav & THE CURE > ALL
  15. Haven't faced the Crusade yet :pity:
  16. Well, I already know that we will win cuz The Cure > All.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I kind of started one with ovalhead which i plan on carrying on after uprising guess thats a start lol i can't even decide if i'm a heal or a face i'm just gav the chav lol
  19. So now the Cure is better than Chav. STOP CHANGING YOUR MIND!