gav the chav sings a song for jonathan

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  1. *gav the chav makes his way to the arena apparently he's gunna sing a song for us*

    (gav the chav) right im sick of waiting for my match to begin so i've wrote a song about everyones favorite man in IWT Jonathan here it goes sing along if want hit the music
    *music plays*

    Oh when a girl turns you down and you ask titus how thats a jonathan

    When your an arrogent prick coz you have a small dick thats a jonathan

    When you show no remorse after fucking a horse thats a jonathan

    When you drop cheesy chips on your red and white strip thats a jonathan

    When you go on all fours waiting for Crayo thats a jonathan

    When your breath smells of shite and your team is shite thats a jonathan

    When your sat on the dole playing with your bumhole yes that is jonathan

    When you hate thos fat mackems and you just want to smack em thats well everyones but jonathan

    Hahahaha well gavs gotta go will be back in a bit to take care of bruce knight Forrest see yas

    Gav leaves the arena

    Ooc sorry jonathan i hope it weren't too harsh for ya
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  2. OOC i fucking love this dude.

  3. Stolen from "when the ball hits the net & its not darren bent....asamoah"

    But sure. Smoggy kunt.
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  4. ooc Hahaha i'll let you have that one
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  5. Haven't good much choice in the matter lad ;)
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  6. extended edition out next week
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  7. Show Spoiler
    OOC: That is an amazing song lmao, never laughed so hard I don't think! Nice job!

    *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits with a big pop*
    *Lucas Hacksaw makes his way down to the ring holding a mic*

    I have no idea where you are gav, whether you are watching this backstage live or whether you are watching a repeat of this next week, I would like to tell you something I have told a lot of people lately. Your song was clearly arrogance. There is a fine line between being confident and cocky and you have overlapped that line. Arrogance doesn't make you look big and somehow it will just push you down to the bottom. It makes you look bad when you somehow lose. Now losing isn't a bad thing until you pass that line because passing that line pretty much puts your career on the line. You may not be able to show your face in public without being laughed at, you won't be able to sleep at night knowing that everyone is talking crap behind your back. If that was me, I certainly wouldn't want that to happen.

    *crowd pop*

    I hear you are writing another song and I truly hope, for your own benefit, that the song you will be singing in public will be based on your effort and not your arrogance. Once you sing it, you will never be able to take it back. It will be uploaded on Youtube by someone only a couple of minutes after. You may think you could take down that video but before you can, someone else has uploaded it. Before you can take that one down, someone else would have uploaded it. Before you know, every single video sharing website will have your video on with people just laughing at you. This is reality not a dream so live up to it.

    Good luck in your match and hopefully you take what i've just said as constructive criticism and next time you make a song or say anything about someone in public, you think about my speech because if you don't you won't be embarrassing anyone but yourself.
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  8. ooc: that was a funny song how come you made it ? lol
  9. I was bored lol had to amuse myself somehow until my match started
  10. Jonathan was owned
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  11. Laughed at it. Then I saw "it weren't" and laughed even more because if GN reads this she's gonna kill you lol.
  12. Gav I fuckin love you
  13. should i make this gavs offical theme but change it around a little every match
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  14. Dat Kid watches this from his office with his feet up on the desk. After it's done he scrambles to get his phone and frantically dials a number.

    Did you see that just now? Copyright it and sell it on itunes dammit!
  15. Yeah do it!