gav the chav - thats a jonathan the extended edition

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  1. *gavs music hits as he makes his way to the ring *

    (gav the chav) ok ok settle down people now gav is a little sad today just like the rest of the IWT universe after finding out dat kid has left has left IWT couldn't give a fuck about the others though anyway i thought i'd come and cheer everyone up remember gavs song last week it was awesome wasn't it? I promised you all the extended edition and today your gunna finally get it here it goes hit the music sing along if you want you know the words

    *Music begins to play*

    Oh when a girl turns you down and you ask titus how thats a jonathan

    When your fucking a horse and you show no remorse thats a jonathan

    When you wanking over one direction and you get a Big E Rection thats a jonathan

    When you drop a cheesy chip on your red and white strip thats a jonathan

    When your an arrogent prick coz you have a small dick thats a jonathan

    When you tag Lady Deathbane coz your fucking insane well thats Aids Johnson

    When you go on all fours waiting for Crayo thats a jonathan

    When Britanica is strumming her drum coz you can't make her cum that is jonathan

    When you sat on the dole playing with your bumhole thats a jonathan

    When your breath smells of shite and your teams a pile of shite thats a jonathan

    When you hate those fat mackems and you jus wanna smack em well thats everyone but jonathan

    *music stops *

    Well i hope everyones happy now lets get back to buisness even though dat kid and the others are gone gav is still around to fuck shit up
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  2. OOC: Oh my god this was amazing.
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  3. GOAT. So glad I made you legend.
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  4. One quick question do you prefer the original or extended?

  5. Extended, definitely :lol1:

    Cracked me up hard. Especially the cheesy chips line. It's like, we don't even eat them that much here, and they're eaten all around the country. Surprised you didn't chuck a blue pop line in.
  6. Theres always the remixed edition
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  7. Gav is awesome. He isn't me, but he's pretty damn good.
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  8. Gav that mother fucking Chav. Thanks for the tag.
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  9. Lol thanks i wanted to try and involve more usernames on this one
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    Worked well. The Britanica one made me laugh too. Sometimes I wonder how much shit like that she gets just for being a girl on here. She seems to handle it well though - in her own way. :dawg:
  11. thankfully haha you may just be in the next one if i come up with something
  12. Nice, it would be an honor sir, lol
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  13. it honestly don't bother me. I had two brothers, no sisters and hung out with mainly boys growing up so yeah... My tolerance is quite high for it. lmao
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  14. Ahhh, you fixed "manly" before my response, lol. :mad2:
    Good to know though
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  15. i had a much harsher one for lady deathbane but backed out lol
  16. She seems like she would have been cool with whatever too
  17. :pity: :lol1:
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