Promos Gav the Chav vs The Roadster

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Who won the match?

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  1. Gav the Chav

  2. Roadster

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. Roadster makes his way to the ring wearing his best cowboy hat and leather pants, along with a vest reading, "9:MM Glock vs Chav's head" He also brings down his 9:MM Glock taunting to the camera repeating "It's locked and loaded y'all!" along with his famed Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year guitar.

    He slides in....
    Children, Fathers and Mothers, Men, Women, Boy Girl whatever the f**k lock that DVR straight onto the moment becuase this is the last time you will see @gav the chav in one whole piece! the last time you will see me stand in the same ring as gav the chav. the IWT will never be the same with me as an active competitor! Alright Gav! This ring is my throne and i am the king of it! the IWT may not have a King of the Ring, but even if it did i will be the ultimate winner! Chav you see you have nothing on me! you're a old shriveled up veteran and i get it! Y'all have NEVER seen me in action! I am the next IWT hero, the next IWT legend i am the man that will carry the IWT. people will hear of me before they hear of this forum! Chav can you ever say that? no...*HE SAYS WITH A SOFT VOICE* i am the next big thing Chav you're not. I am the best thing going today! and you're not! Wanna know why? Y'all wanna know why? *CROWD SCREAMS YES!* it's because i am younger, hungrier, more serious and by far the most talented talker let alone wrestler in the entire IWT! I have not seen anything bigger of a joke since i heard of gav the chav! you will never see the same way i do! you won't stand by yourself! you stand by these fat tubs of lard! *CROWD BOOS LOUDLY* The Roadster is not your average renowned country singer, because i grew up fighting, YOU grew up sucking dick! i grew up winning! you grew up loosing. I will never become one of you because you see *PICKS UP GLOCK* this is my secret weapon and if your try anything funny on me! Lets just say you will literally have hell to pay! and Chav.... say hi to Benoit for me while your down their! With that said I DON'T CALL 911! *AS HE SHOOTS UP INTO THE SKY*
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  3. *Gav the chavs theme plays as gav makes his way out to the ring*

    (Gav the chav) whoah slow down there for fuck sake just who the fuck are you? Actually as my mate dazzle would say it doesn't matter who you are instead im going to tell you who you are dealing with

    *gav raises his tag team belt*

    You see me and dazzle are still the current defending tag team champions nobody in this company can touch us not the cure not the dat kid and his little team and especially not the order run by that slag @Britanica heres a tip for don't come out here and call yourself king we already have a flying faggot thinking he's god that's hard enough to deal with also I heard you claim you fucked my mam @Seabs aww how nice so has the whole fucking iwt roster I couldn't give a flying fuck if you had

    *we want gavs mum chant starts*

    Yes I bet you do you bunch of perverts by the way roadstari told Benoit you said hi he wanted me to tell you that you're a little cheeky **** and that you should shut the fuck up or he'll come back to haunt you and give you a slap

    OOC go for it @Roadster
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  4. Well listen here you punk, i don't care if your mom really is the IWT whore or not, all i care about is me and ME beating your sorry ass, you see Chav i have a simple saying and it goes like this "To be the Roadster you must win like Roadster" i am Roadster for a reason! ok? can you comprehend? i have not only got your tricks but i have everything it takes to win!


    Ya See @gav the chav you may not know exactly who i am but i have said it before i will be DAMNED if i didn't leave a first impression. Win or Lose or Win, i will show exactly what i am made of *HE SAYS WITH FURY BUILDING* @Dazzle Reigns on the other hand is nothing more than your ho and your his pimp, or maybe your both just unworthy b*****s, if i cared enough about those tin plates you call tag belts i could find anyone of my darn choosing to win the belts! *THE FURY BUILDS* Ya see just like what my vest says "9:MM Glock vs Chav's Head" well that statement is true lets see if this can touch you, you bastard!


    You watch who you're dealing with! you got that! because *CROWD SAYS IN UNISON* "I Don't Call 911*

    *9.1.1 Chants fire up*
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  5. *B.Dazzle is seen backstage watching the match backstage, while going through his phone.*

    Dazzle: Who the hell is this Roadster guy, and why the hell is he tagging B.Dazzle on some wrestling forum? Jabroni needs a life.
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  6. *security lets go of both men and gav picks up the mic of the floor*

    (Gav the chav) so far I've gave you the benefit of a doubt but you're starting to really boil my piss you know what you are you're an absolute scumbag pulling a gun out on me eh? You fucking cheeky little **** I will fucking drop you you here me I'll splatter you're brains all over this arena if I have to come on then you prick here take this im gunna take this **** out right now

    *gav rips of his coat and charges towards roadster but dazzle and chris kaiser run in and pull gav away and try to calm gav down until he eventually does gav then puts his jacket back on and picks his mic back up*

    you know what funny the simple fact you think you can defeat me and dazzle in fact its fucking hilarious in fact id love to give you a chance just so I can kick arse all over again with my partner b.dazzle after I smash your head in tonight you realise just who your dealing with here me and dazzle are an unstoppable force we conquer any opposition who thinks they can beat us just ask the cure they once they were untouchable but me and dazzle just about destroyed every single one of them who is this cure you may ask? they are regarded by many as the greatest stable in IWT until they crossed paths with the chavs and we well and truly fucked them up

    * gav walks up to roadster*

    Just to let you know gav is very clear in what he's dealing with right in front of him gav sees s wannabe gangster who thinks he's hard as fuck

    *random fan who looks a bit like @Dat Kid maybe its @Big Boss shouts hypocrite towards gav*

    Oh no no no you cheeky little **** you see the difference between me and him is gav doesn't need to use a weapon like a knife or in this doucebags case a gun to win a fight whereas gav uses his inner chav to overcome and take down his opponents unlike this plastic gangster who probably won't last 30 seconds on the streets

    *gav drops the mic and backs off into his corner*

    @Aids Johnson I think we're done
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  7. I don't think he's on hmm

    @CM Punk you can open the votes can't you?
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  8. Yup.
  9. Ok thanks
  11. @gav the chav starts walking away....

    The Roadster sneaks up from behind and bashes his Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year guitar on the back of his head.......


    Now do you see!! You do not mess with Roadster, i will not stand for any motherfucker stopping me from winning! I will not stop!

    * @gav the chav gets up and attack s roadster from behind, but he runs away, pulling out the gun and shooting but missing and hitting the ref!*

    You watch who your messing with!! I'm warning every **** in the IWT and that goes double to the pussy in the ring! I DON'T CALL 9.1.1!
    and i don't resent anything! and @Aids Johnson if you EVER! show your face to me again with saying sorry i will shoot your sorry ass to hell just like that ref over there! i am sick and tired of playing with kids, i'm here because i damn wanted to.

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  12. OOC: Hey Punk Set it to public before i blast you to, ya heard?!
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  13. I always forget. ffs
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  14. *Looks at the poll numbers* W...hat...the...,hell
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  15. Numbers are really low, alot lower than most these dark matches
  16. I went Roadster because he is new with everything. I love you gav, my brother, but i wanna see more evolution in the chav character. At least you arent hitting people with shit covered dildos anymore lol.
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  17. @CM Punk can you close the votes, it's been 24 hours!
  18. it closes in an hour and 10 minutes. Like i told you before, the voting is 24 hours from when the poll is made. Have some patience man.
  19. Sorry man, i just think i got the match in the bag, i really wanna win my first match before E.C before the tag match
  20. Well well @gav the chav this certainly does add another layer to the tag match I proposed. :happy:Congrats on the win @Roadster
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