gav the chav wants tag team gold!

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  1. *gavs music hits as he makes his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) right lets get down to buisness shall we i want the tag team title but i need a partner as i can't do it on my own unfortunately so if you think your worthy come dowm to the ring and tell me why?

    Ooc thinking trying out a tag team partnership as i don't see that many
  2. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring.*

    Let's make these candy ass jabronis shut their mouths and know their roles.
  3. *The Alliance walk out onto the stage*​
    Hold the phone there you English inbred freak, You may have found yourself a little friend there but you get no where near the tag titles before you go through The Alliance, So why not tonight, I pick one of my men here and we have a match and the winner is entered into the Tag Team Title match at Bound For Glory!​
    Jonathan get your ass out here and make this match official​
  4. OOC: I should be in here because B Dazzle and myself have had a feud going for a little while
  5. (gav the chav) hold on a min mr dazzing ain't my tag partner just yet first he's got to pass the test its 3 simple questions yot ready?

  6. B.Dazzle is always ready.
  7. (gav the chav) ok question 1 solve this problem
  8. 24
  9. (gav the chav) wrong! Brackets first mother fucker if you get this one wrong its game over this will test your knowledge about gav which town was born and raised in?
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  11. (gav the chav) yes you got it you may lack the intelligence but you know me well enough that'll do for me now we need a name i'm thinking the dazzling chavs do you approve?

  12. Hell yeah B.Dazzle approves.
  13. (gav the chav) should we accept the alliances challenge?

  14. Let's kick their candy asses.
  15. Jonathan the dazzling chavs v alliance make it happen when you can
  16. Honestly guys I'm like so ill, I really can't be fucked. And until permissions are fixed there isn't point in making matches. Staff are working on it, so bare with me please.

    Also don't tag me in threads to make matches, chances are I'll see it when I wake up and just skim through and not read properly to understand what's going on.

    If you want a match made, PM me please.

    Cheers lads.
  17. I can make the match thread if you aren't up for it and make a new thread for voting, Sound good?
  18. I'd rather wait till the polls are up tbh we can always build it up till then
  19. BFG is in a few weeks so we will need it done soon, No time for build up, We need time to build up BFG