gav the chav wants to know who the cure is?

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  1. *gav appears on the titantron*

    (gav the chav) whilst watching summerslam last week i noticed there was a bunch of pricks called the cure gav wants to know just the fuck they are? Really who are they? Seems like they think they are gang or some shit hahahahaha don' make me laugh ive seen a harder bunch of kids on my local street corner than them wankers! I bet i could knock every single one of them little pricks out in one night and still have enough energy to go and buck me lass at the hotel come one who are ya!
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  2. *All of a sudden, Ben Dover is seen strutting through the entrance, with a microphone labelled "The Cure" instead of "IWT"

    Ben Dover: Q+A time boys and girls.

    Question 1: Since when did half-gorilla/ half-humans exist in the 21st century
    Question 2 : Since when was the IWT degrading itself to allowing such intellectual sub-ordinates be a part of the IWT active roster, it's as-if the owners don't want PRESTIGE!!
    Question 3: Since I always enjoy having easy first victories, I would like to face Gay the Fag. Chavs need to be put to extinction and I shall be putting Gav to sleep with my lethal Penetrator, after that..... THE IWT WILL BE CURED OF THE CHAV-CHOROSIS VIRUS THIS SIMPLE FOOL HAS INFECTED THE IWT WITH.



    *The crowd stay silent for a minute, stuggling to decide who they hate more; but the fans hatred of Ben Dover's arrogance and condescension outweighs the annoyance felt towards Gav's lack of respect towards other people. The crowd send consistent abuse towards Ben Dover as he showboats*
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  3. (gav the chav) who do you think yout talking to you cheeky little prick i'll fucking knock you out you think your darren young don't ya hahaha don't make me laugh he's a goat your just a silly little knob with an overused joke for a name and another thing you say your gunna penetrate me, with what?*looks at bens crotch* that little maggot you call a penis awww just look at it its so small and petite aint it adorable i bet hornswaggles got a bigger dick than you anyway wheres the rest of the other pricks at?
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  4. *Ben Dover condescendingly stares at Gav*

    Ben Dover: Just because you live in a suburb with a high crime rate, have a neglectful single mother, burberry is really cheap, and you're too fucking stupid to find a school doesn't mean you could beat me up, I've taken on people with years of professional training and I've still beaten them, and even if you had a knife like most wannabe chavs do, I could still decimate you.

    My finisher is not literally me penetrating you but a submission hold, not that it's worth explaining because soon enough I'm going to end your life with it anyway.

    *Dover confidently smirks at Gav*

    Well actually if you saw my pornography before you would know that my dick is 12 inches long, but who needs porn when CHAVS LIKE GAV CAN JUST GET IT ON WITH THEIR INBRED SISTER!!!!

    *Dover laughs sadistically at Gav*

    And to be blunt, you didn't even answer one of my questions you moronic fuck, go to school, even though Primary school might be too hard for your brain that was created as a result of your parents a.k.a uncle and aunt have "beautiful" incest behind a Greggs.

    *Dover sarcastically blows a kiss towards Gav*

    You're welcome sweetheart..
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  5. (gav the chav) are you calling my mam? Don't call my mam you prick or i come over there now and drop you on the spot you stupid prick fine ill answer your dumb questions question number 1 actually no fuck that i aint answering your dumb questions and i don't wear burberry you absolute knobhead i wear the latest air max 95's and my new nike trackie from jd sport bet the 2 alone cost more than your wardrobe what the fuck is that you wearing did you get it from netto? What a bellend you are kid back to your questions i will answer your only 'reasonable' question so you want a match? You think you can beat the hardest mother fucker iwt? My answer to you is join the queue coz everyone wants a piece of gav the chav
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  6. You're the hardest motherfucker in the IWT?? It's like you're begging for me the bring along the rest of the Cure so we can end your life faster.

    But sadly for you, I don't want to share; I want Gav the Human Bodybag to myself.

    It's pretty obvious you're not using a sexual context when you say "everyone wants a piece of gav the chav". Stop being a fucking coward, You're so scared you won't even face someone that's had only 1 match in the IWT..

    My suit cost 40k and I ripped that up only a couple of hours ago, so it's good to see you're extra stupid today, not that I thought it was even possible.

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  7. (gav the chav) call me an imbred again and ill bite your nose off you stupid prick fine you want a match ill give you a match Dat Chocolate From Jersey i want a match with this silly fucker at iwt uprising on one condition i want every single member of the cure or whatever at ringside thats right not banned at ringside so i can embarass this silly little fucker in front of them hahahaha your gunna regret this when im done with you im gunna feed you to my pitbull afterwards coz they'll be nothing left of ya you think its gunna be easy? hahahahaha i suggest you head back to the gym and prepare for the toughest match of your life!
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  8. OOC- Best feud ever seen in IWT lmao.
  9. *Jacob interrupts Alias in the backstage*

    Did you see my feud with Adam? That was better than this Cure shit. We, the Crusade, are going to get your titles and humiliate you publicly soon. The Cure time is over, IWT time is coming
  10. More like funniest.
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  11. *Alias lets out a satirical laugh*
    Please Jacob, that feud didn't bring enough ratings as much as The Cure did to Summerslam. Besides, we've beaten you, Adam and whoever else is in that disgraceful group before. Get to the back of the line. Which reminds me, I gotta head out to the ring right now and deliver a promo.
  12. You just say that because you are afraid. You don't get it? Well, we'll prove you what you're talking about at NoC. My feud with Adam was way better than your Cure pityful shit. See you soon, fool.
  13. Ben Dover: INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......INBRED.......

    I could go alllllllllllllllllll day if I wanted to pal but sadly I have other things to do in my productive life other than earn undeserved benefits/welfare and shout at elderly people like a coward. The beauty of people like you is that you deep down know you're a moron with no use in life, so when you're humiliated by your peers you've jump straight to most dangerous option possible. I could beat you on my own within seconds, but now my fellow doctors are here to give support; emotionally and physically IF you cheat like the scummy sub-ordinate you are; this match has become a freebee, this match will be soooooo easy, it will be impossible for me to be "over-confident".

    I will do society a favour soon and end your pathetic journey that you call "life".
  14. *David sits there laughing his ass off and eating popcorn*
  15. (gav the chav) oi i told you to shut the fuck up you cheeky little knobhead you think you will end me? hahahahaha thats the best joke you've told so far are you some sort of unfunny comedian coz all you doing is making yourself look pathetic you cocky arrogent wanker my god what a bellend you are this ain't the end its just the beginging my 'friend' i see some of your pals have piped up yes you lot you bunch of prick ive got a message for all of you so listen when uprising is here make sure you turn up to see me knock this fucker out and to you ben well i'll see you at uprising you prick
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  16. OOC: gav the chav- IWT's The Rock, only better
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  17. OOC: I loved the line where gav said did you get your clothes in nettos that was classic. I rekon gav could take on the cure in a handycap match tbh.
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  18. Ben Dover:
    > Claims I'm making myself look pathetic.
    > Swears every few seconds as if he hasn't got the intellect to say anything different..

    Life isn't GTA San Andreas you fool, in the real World, real men like me will end your real life.. You're little gansta chav act is ridiculous
  19. (gav the chav) yawn! Im done talking to you your boring me im off to go see the rest of my crew and were gunna go and fuck shit up see ya you prick

    *gav leaves the arena*
  20. Ben Dover: Remember Gavin; Condoms! No need getting your sister pregnant now is there!

    *Ben Dover chuckles to himself as showboats to the crowd before leaving the arena himself*
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