gav unleashes the wrath of the chav on aids Johnson

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  1. *the camera cuts to the titantron with gav appearing on the screen*

    (Gav the chav) so there I was chilling in my crib with chris kaiser having a few drinks and shit and in comes my main man b.dazzle in floods of tears crying like a little bitch so gav went to whats up with him and what he told me well and truly disgusted me

    You see backstage me and aids Johnson are good friends we regularly sit together and share a few drinks whilst watching the matches in that very ring gav thought aids was the dazzling chavs number 1 fan but after some of that shite he was spouting last night its gunna take a lot for gav to forgive him let me go in to detail

    He claims @Trip in the Head isn't good enough to be in a qualifier for the iwt belt and that slag @Britanica deserves to be in the match instead of him what the fuck has she done like? I can count on one hand the number of matches shes had. Gavs been in this very ring with trips and hes a great competitor hes worked hard to get where he is today he doesn't deserve being put down by cheeky little ****s like you who think there all that gavs looking forward to
    facing him at mania with his little mate thats if they win the tournament of course

    that brings me to my next point you were probably like I said earlier the dazzling chavs number 1 fan last time I checked a fan supports the individual or team they like they get behind them and cheer them on and supports them know matter what even when the odds are stacked against them they get behind them and show there support they don't go around like a clever little **** and shit all over them telling everyone they ain't good enough to beat the order and basically saying where fucking shit you might not have meant it like that but you still fucking hurt us you even made a grown man cry for fuck sake you should of seen the poor lad you may as well of ripped his heart out and took a huge shit on it coz thats what it felt like you my friend are no friend of the chavs

    Now before gav came out here to talk to you all he was trying to think of the best way to deal with aids first I thought I might go slap him with my favourite shit stained dildo across his chops but then I thought of a better idea as you think gav ain't good enough on his own how about instead of telling you I'll show you instead pick any member of the iwt roster to go against me we can do it now or we can do it at elimination chamber I don't give a flying fuck choose anyone you want I don't care pick 2 I don't give a fuck coz the same result will happen because I'll crush them with my bare hands

    @Aids Johnson love you really @aids <3
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  2. *Dazzler comes up from behind Gav and slaps him hard across the head.*

    Dazzler: Number one: The name is The Dazzler now. B.Dazzle is dead. Number two: The Dazzler wasn't crying, except in your own fantasy world Gav. Just because we're tag partners and best friends, doesn't mean i won't whip that ass.
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  3. *gav slaps the dazzler across the head*

    (Gav the chav) im trying to make him feel guilty here you stupid ****
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  4. OOC:Being worked as we speak
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  5. I really am the dazzling chavs #1 fan man i think you both dont get my point. We had you setup in better kayfabe matches that would advance a storyline. I fucked up talking shit on here and im honestly sorry to you and dazzle.

    Except for the giant stuff, dazzle they suck man.
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  6. Gav forgives you :)
  7. thats all i wanted to hear bro. Dazzle can forgive eli for not making the playoffs. LMAO i heart you dazzle.
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  8. It's fine.

    Live and forgive is what I always say.

    I heart you to Aids.

    Also, we aint' doing this crap again. Giants beat the packers twice in the playoffs twice in both their superbowl runs. Nuff said.

  9. *the lights go out in the arena and The Order of Night's theme blares through the sound system and when the lights come back on Marcus Anthony is sitting on top of the titantron with a microphone*

    Marcus: Here he is ladies and gentleman the IWT's resident chav! *crowd pops*
    Gav, that's about all you're good for nowadays. Cheap pops from these ignorant beings in attendance. *crowd boos*
    You mention The Order as if we are an after thought? It would be a dream come true for you if that were so. The last couple times we were in the ring, you ended up on your back regretting that you ever had to deal with me. Now end this mutual jerkoff party with Aids and face me one on one TONIGHT!
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. lmao yeah our offensive line being shit is the talk of legends. By legends i mean Aaron Rodgers, no Eli Manning.
  12. 2 superbowls over 1 superbowl
  13. @Danielson your soultmate is here, he thinks rings mean more than records too.
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  14. You play to win championships, not break records.
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  15. Bro you were talking What ifs yesterday like you almost got laid. Dont plat that lol.

    Packers have 5 superbowl wins bro, how many do the giants have?
  16. Go Bills.
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  17. @Aids Johnson

    Can we both agree we can be happier than DK?
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