gav wants a word with his opponant before

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  1. *gavs music hits as he makes his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) settle down settle down good now listen up at uprising im facing um... Hang on i can't remember the little prick name anyway i don't give a fuck what it is to be honest but i want to know just why the fuck he's in IWT i know absolutely nothing about him i wanna know everything there is about him so get down here now you little prick

    Occ Forrest i know nothing about your new character just wanna get more detail and stuff before thursday so i can plan ahead
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  2. *No Music Plays as Bruce Knight comes out in his suit with his Walking stick, He doesn't enter the ring, but waits outside.*

    Ah, So you're this Gavin The Chav person that I've been placed into this match against. So, You want to know more about me? Well, My Name is Bruce Knight and I'm more of a Gentleman then you'll ever be. I Shall 'Educate' you in the ring and give you the proper education you should of had....instead of the one your drugged up parents most likely gave you. I don't know why I'm out here....A Man of My Class talking to a low Life scum like you...

    *Knight turns around*

    Now....I see no reason for me to stay here to talk to a low life ruffian like you...At Uprising,I shall teach you the Meaning of being a REAL Gentleman!

    *Knight walks backstage*
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