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  1. *The fans begin to erupt in boos and jeers as B.Dazzle walks out from the back. He's wearing black pants, a black Hawaiian shirt, and some shades. B.Dazzle stands at the top of the entrance stage and looks at the crowd for a little before staring down the camera in front of him. He lowers his shades, looks dead at the camera, and raises his eyebrows. B.Dazzle raises his shades back up and begins walking down the ramp. The crowd starts different chants of "Fuck you Dazzle" and "We Want Gav". B.Dazzle smirks at the fans and begins to mock them as he walks up the steel steps. He walks across the apron, climbs up the turnbuckle, and raises his arm in the air to more boos. B.Dazzle looks down at the crowd member, who is standing up and sticking his middle finger at him, and tells him to "sit his monkey ass back down." B.Dazzle gets in the ring and demands a mic. He goes to grab a mic, and then pretends to hit the ring attendant. The ring attendant flinches, and B.Dazzle laughs as he grabs the mic from the ring attendants hand. B.Dazzle stands in the middle of the ring and begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: Finally......B.Dazzle has come back to the IWT!

    *The crowd begins to boo, but B.Dazzle ignores them.*

    Dazzle: Last week, each and every one of you IWTards, bared witness to the single greatest moment in IWT history. B.Dazzle can just picture it now. You all sat down on the couch with little bobby and little suzy, you turned the volume up, you made some popcorn, and got ready to witness Gav the Chav vs Dat Kid.

    *Small crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: The next thing you knew little Bobby and Suzy were half asleep, Mommy was on her phone, and Daddy was drinking the pains of that crap-fest match away. Then suddenly, everyone in the house and watching around the world jumped to their seats when the most dazzling theme in all of IWT hit the speakers. Then each and every single one of you were salivating out of mouths as B.Dazzle made his iconic return to the IWT. The fans went nuts, the people went nuts, the world went so crazy that in nine months, the population is going to increase by twelve thousand. Then it happened. Then the greatest moment in IWT history happened. B.Dazzle took the mic, and smashed Gav the Chav's head in.

    *Major boos from the crowd.*

    Dazzle: After that, B.Dazzle would then go on to take the monkey off his back by giving Gav the Chav something he's deserved for long time, a B.Bottom straight to the ground! And let B.Dazzle tell you something, since that moment, B.Dazzle has been sleeping peacefully at night. By getting rid of Gav, there is not a single man on this planet that is going to stop me from achieving B.Dazzle's dream of becoming IWT Champion! Which B.Dazzle will get one step closer to next week, when he walks into MITB with nothing, and walks out being announced as the NEW.......Mr. Money in The Bank! B.Dazzle will promise you all this, two things are going to happen at MITB. First, B.Dazzle is going to make sure that he whips Gav the Chavs rudy poo monkey ass all the way back to the crap-pile, retard filled, town he came from. Then, and only then, is B.Dazzle gonna climb the dazzling ladder, grab the dazzling briefcase, and then walk out with a briefcase that guarantees that B.Dazzle will become new IWT Champion! And while B.Dazzle isn't gonna tell you when he plans on cashing in after he wins briefcase, you can bet your ass he's gonna do it the second the chance comes up. B.Dazzle ain't planning on waiting, he plans on winning. B.Dazzle will become the Mr. Money in the Bank, and he will become the new IWT Champion!

    *The crowd begins booing more and more.*

    Dazzle: If you smell what B.Dazzle is cooking!

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and heads to the back.*
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  3. *gav comes out from The crowd and enters the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) oi you cheeky **** where the fuck do you think your going? Get back here gav wants a word with you. Just what the fuck do you think your doing? You know what right I thought me and you were brothers we have those precious memories together from the day we united and dazzled this audience to crushing the cure and taking there tag titles and going on to Dominate the division we did everything together then something happened and you turned into the biggest cheekiest of all cheeky ****s I've ever met so my question is why? Why did you do it dazzle? Why throw everything we had out of the window like it meant nothing to you please dazzle tell for fuck sake I just wanna know WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. *B.Dazzle heads out from the back with a mic in his hands.*

    Dazzle: Wait a minute, wait a minute, B.Dazzle isn't gonna address your monkey ass yet. He needs to address the monkey asses in the production truck first. B.Dazzle knows your listening in the back, jabronis, so you better do what he tells you. Now, B.Dazzle is gonna head to the back, and if he is to come out here, then the ass clowns in the back better play his music!

    *B.Dazzle turns around and walks through the curtain to a loud number of boos.*

    *B.Dazzle's theme plays and he comes out with a smirk on his face as the fans just keep on booing.*

    Dazzle: That's what B.Dazzle thought! Now on to that disgusting, pile of garbage standing in B.Dazzle's ring. want to know why B.Dazzle did what he did! You REALLY want to know why? B.Dazzle will tell you why! The Dazzling Chavs WERE the top tag team in the division. The key word being WERE! And you know why we were the top tag team? Because of B.Dazzle. While you would sit there and spew all your crap, B.Dazzle was cutting the types of promos that win championships and gets people to the top! That's why B.Dazzle did what he did! It was time B.Dazzle stopped floating around in the tag team division, and start climbing up the ladder all the way to not just being the most dazzling star in wrestling, but being the greatest star in wrestling! You see Gav, yes, we WERE close. But there's that word again. WERE! As in the past! Things change, for better and for worse. B.Dazzle doesn't need you, but it's sad, because as we can all see, you desperately need B.Dazzle. Face it Gav, your rudy poo candy ass isn't anything without B.Dazzle carrying you. B.Dazzle made The Dazzling Chavs, not Gav the Chav.

    *The boos in the arena continue to grow and grow as "Fuck you Dazzle" chants resurface through the crowd.*

    Dazzle: Gav, for the sake of everybody's IQ and for your own physical health, B.Dazzle suggests you jump back into that crowd and take your ass back home, before B.Dazzle comes down to that ring and does it for you.
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  5. ( Gav the chav) well you know what right you my old friend has just made yourself an enemy for life you I suggest you take Your dazzling arse and fuck off

    *gav gives dazzle the middle finger and the arena erupts With cheers for gav as he leaves the ring and heads up The ramp nudging b.dazzle on his way up*
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  6. :gohan: