Gayest song ever?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Grams and Ounces, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Yeah, anyone beat this?
  2. @Stopspot can. Cant remember it it was in a thread or skype but i know Tarzan Boy came in second.

  3. Oh, and the lyrics for the next one might not be gay (I actually don't know, my attention is elsewhere) but the video also contains a bunch of chicks kissing so . . .

    And no, I don't exactly care if this fits what the thread is looking for. I'll take any flimsy excuse to post videos with lesbians kissing that I can. Which actually reminds me there's a better one I can post for this . . .

    The official version of the music video is here, it contains less kissing but the video quality is much higher. It's a give and take. Okay, this thread can resume it's original trajectory now.
  4. Whichever D'Zs favorite song is
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  5. Some nice choices, i think i have beat myself though (Ew) with this one.

  6. I will have to delete my viewing history soon it's getting creepy now.
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  7. Marked.