Gays shouldn’t marry ‘as they don’t face each other during sex’

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. I'm so done with this entire argument hahahahah. It's gone on for far too long and those against gays continue to show their stupidity.
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  2. Pretty much my thoughts as well haha. It's just straight hilarious now. Retards.
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  3. I'm pretty sure lesbians can look at each other in the eye while they're having sex


    Either way this is a terrible argument. People will say and do whatever they can to disregard gay relationships to support their own beliefs.
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  4. Wow... Just... Wow. This is a new theory.. lmao
    Sounds like something GOHAN would say.

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  5. Women usually don't see my face during sex either.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. He obviously has never engaged in gay sex. :finger:
  8. Does that mean blind people shouldn't get married either as they can not see there partner? lol
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  10. A mexico politician? :pity: stopped reading after thie first fail.

    Really this shit is lolable, and why conspiracy theorists are > social media/party bias. I'm betting he is republican.
  11. You can't see me~ John to Darren Young
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  12. Going to file that one away in the "this guy is a jackass folder"

  13. I'll be sure to let my gay Republican friends know how you feel. Oh, and you are aware that there is no Republican Party in Mexico, right?

    And I'm happy to see how tolerant you all are of other people's opinions. It's really refreshing how tolerant you all are of those opinions with which you disagree. Seriously, the tolerance level here is very high.

  14. ZERO I'm guessing this guy hasn't seen our special video :silva:
  15. I think everyone here has grown more tolerant of other people's opinions whether they want to or not because we have to put up with Gohan. :dawg:
  16. brother, i think you misread my post or maybe im misreading yours.

    It would be a Mexican Politician, even if it might confuse people in the US on whether it's the persons heritage or actual location they are mentioning. Merica.

    I do disagree with any idiot who thinks that that is legit reasoning. That has to be one of the dumbest thing's ive ever read, period. If you want to hate, say they cant concieve, or something that actually makes a difference. Ill still hate but thats not the point.

  17. Sounded like you were attacking one political party.

    I was just pointing out, in that mistaken understanding, that I have many friends in the Republican Party who are openly gay and openly support the right of gays to marry. On the other hand, I have many friends in the Democratic Party who are unalterably opposed to opening the right of marriage to same-sex couples.

    The rest of it was noting that a lot of people around here were being pretty intolerant of a view while espousing how tolerant they were. That part wasn't directed at any one person, but at the overall feel I was getting from the thread.

  18. buddy, i voted republican 2/3 times so far. I am def republican but i was making a second joke at the social media bias. Democrats are pro choice, love gays, and welfare is a part of their every day. Republicans are prolife bible thumping, homo hating, conservatives. There are people in the middle, but the media is the one fucking things up and making everything a one side or another type of situation.

  19. This is a statement I can get behind.

    Impeach the media!

    Yes, I'm serious.

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