General Reference For New Signees

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. With NXT ever expanding, they've been recruiting and signing talent from across the globe. Many members already know most of them, but for those who don't this will be where you can find references.

    General rules:
    - This is only applicable to the newest NXT signees, anyone who has been in NXT over a month is excluded.

    - Any user can submit recommendations, they'll be added to the first post so no one will have to scroll through.

    - Limit yourself to two videos per new signee. Doesn't matter whether it's a match, promo, tribute, or highlight video. Makes it to where people feel like they're watching their best work.

    That's about it, hopefully we can put this to good use. Enjoy.
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  2. Bobby Roode:

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  3. Starting off with some Bobby Rooo. Yeah he's pretty well known, still deserves some praise.

    Any Lucha fans got some good Adrade Alma's stuff? Would like to see some.

  4. Gran Metalik. One of the best.
  5. Pretty sure most people have heard of Roderick Strong before. But, if they haven't, get familiar with his stuff by watching this:

    He's also had gems with the likes of Kyle O'Reilly and Zack Sabre Jr, but those matches aren't available on YouTube.

    Therefore, enjoy with what you're given, folks.