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    We fade in on the balcony of an expensive looking penthouse room. A man dressed in an immaculate white suit and shining black loafers enters through the sliding glass door, sitting down at the table and pouring himself a drink.

    “It’s a bit of a trend, isn’t it? I mean; new arrival, talks about how they will systematically re-make this company in their own image and then… poof. They’re gone. Sad really. For the audience I mean. To be hit by a constant barrage of mediocrity and false promises. Just when they think someone may unseat the tired ass ‘legends’ of this company. They are, more often than not, failures in their own right.”

    Dragon turns his face to the camera. His flowing blonde hair tied in a neat ponytail and some light stubble on his chin. He smirks.

    “Luckily I’ve never been one for following trends.”

    “Quite honestly, I look at the current roster. I see the championships up on offer. And I’m bored. The people here don’t interest me, I have numerous accolades to my name. So why am I here in IWT? The answer is quite simple.”

    “Money, my dear boy.”

    “By besting opponent after opponent after opponent. James Dragon is worth more money here...”

    Dragon takes a sip of his drink. Sighing contently.

    “...And James Dragon is worth. More money. Elsewhere.”

    “No. I don’t have passion for this place. I don’t hold respect for anyone here. From this point forward, you can consider me the measuring stick. Everyone from the new bloods to the veterans will line up to “Get a shot” at me. Because they know not only will I force the best out of them. But it will be the closest they ever come to breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ that seems to impede so many of us these days. Try as we might we can never quite reach the ‘big time’. Can we?”

    He chuckles.

    “Speak for yourself.”

    “I grant this opportunity not out of generosity. But because it allows the ignorant and stupid; to try and use me as a catalyst. Providing me with the money to live the life I like to live. Titles, trophies, accolades. All of them are merely bonuses to me. Things to add to my ever growing list of accomplishments. In that regard. I suppose thanks are in order.”

    Dragon downs the rest of his drink. Placing the empty glass on a coaster. He looks back towards the camera and arrogantly smiles.

    “Thank you IWT. For providing me the easiest money I’ve ever made.”

    Dragon winks. An obviously edited sparkle effect pings over his eye as the camera pans to the night skyline and fades to black.
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