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    One week today IWT will turn one year old, but before that we have the small matter of an Uprising show to take care of... these men and women will put their lives on the line for your enjoyment, so be sure to tune into IWT TV TOMRROW for the exclusive pre-show match, Forrest vs Black_Jesus and our main card involves....


    The screen crackles and static begins to build... an error message flashes up on the screen before
    "BEGIN TRANSMISSION" flashes up on the screen.

    Eric Draven is stood in a car park, wearing a black rage against the machine shirt, black basketball shorts and a black IWT cap. He stares closely into the camera.

    ED : You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, that's how the proverb goes isn't it? You put on a good show kid, you go give us all you've got and we'll find something for you. We'll look after you make you a star. Build you up in the right image. Since this company was formed no matter what you wanted it was always fine, Draven you go look after this kid make him look like a true star, you're a steady hand give us 3 good promos out of him. Eric your not the direction we want for the title currently we'd like to give that over to B Dazzle so be a company guy. It's good for business right? Yet when I wanted something it was always sorry kid he's reserved for something else, sorry kid Aids needs to be kept safe he's our poster boy. Vicky Parker helps us keep the ever important 13-25 male demographic, Farooq helps our contract with Taco Bell and so on and so on. Those guys are on the level above you, you just keep picking your shots and we'll give you a nice little thank you reign. Give you your moment by beating Christian for the B title for a co-mainevent just to keep you happy.

    *Draven circles away to the left and spits on the ground*

    ED : That's what I think of your courtesy, that's what I think of your pity. All of the backstage politicians have tried to push me down the totem pole, take away my moment. After all you've taken from me I'm going to take away all that's wrong with IWT, this isn't about any of the pieces of tin this a chance to prove everything I already know I'm capable of breaking through to the top of this company. The best part is I'm not alone my backers have similar grievances with the lack of respect in the federation, the lack of honour in it's competitors. Give a man a banquet and he'll become gluttonous. Too many people have being feasting on my hard work and giving nothing back, either IWT is getting rebuilt or the plug is being pulled on it's life support starting tonight change is upon us.

    *Draven grabs the camera and rotates it towards the building, a sign is up which simply says "IWT LIVE ALL WEEK" *

    ED : You see I'm not booked for this, I'm not even supposed to be here, yeah thanks for the fine guys.. Yet here we are, the gimmicks are gone the charade is gone. You may recognise me as Eric Draven but I'm not what you're used too, not even close.

    *End transmission flashes on the screen*
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