Storyline Get to the back of the Line

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  1. A camera is being adjusted in a dark room. After a few seconds of shuffling, the camera is finally set on a table. It focuses, and Nick is seen.

    "You see, when I first came into IWT, I made some buzz about myself. I called out legends, said I was better, and proved it! I'm sure a few of you remember it, as I remember it vividly. My infamous "pipebomb" against the so called "legends" of IWT. Farroq, Danielson, Britanica, Dat Kid - turning their backs on this company. Nobody spoke out. So it was me. And you know what happened? I made a name for myself."

    He spits on the ground and adjusts in his chair.

    "And it looks like I'm gonna have to be the one to speak out again. While I've been trapped in this hell hole, I've been thinking. I want to come back to IWT with a bang! Decimating alias Antonio won't be enough. I need more! My presence needs to be felt, because I will NEVER be ignored again."

    "@Dolph'sZiggler. @El Homo, and @shadow. Get in the back of the line where you belong!"

    His expression changes from blankness to rage.

    "Dolph'sZiggler. You've made a name for yourself on the independents. But you see, this is the big leagues my friend. And as far is I know, all you've done so far is cut a Midcard level promo. If you want to be main eventing shows and getting title shots, you have to work your way up. And if Jonathan's gonna pull a title shot or a main event for you right out of his ass, I'll gladly injure you. You haven't proven yourself - you don't DESERVE it."

    "And the legends - or should I say hasbeens? Andrew and Eric Draven. Coming back, trying to get right into the main event like you once were. But face it. You can't - you won't. In my eyes, you don't deserve it. If you want to come back to your old glory, you're gonna have to WORK for it. You turned your back on this company, so you should have to start over. It's an insult, and I'm sure you didn't know this about me because NOBODY fuxking knows who I am, but I don't take insults very lightly. It's an insult to guys like me, @DK James, and @THG?, who have worked their asses off, scratched, clawed for every opportunity they've ever had!"

    He nods his head in disgust.

    "You're not gonna be able to waltz in here and take the spots people like US have WORKED for. Get to the back of the line where you belong. My voice... WILL be... heard."
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  2. *Alias watches on backstage with mixed emotions*

    Alias: This guy is a really complex human being. I'll have to read him like a book to find out and subsequently exploit his true weaknesses. Chapter 1 begins.
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