Storyline ??? get your ass out here

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  1. Jonathan walks to the top of the ramp, and strolls down to the ring where he's greeted by rapturous applause.

    Where do you think you're going, ???, you punk-ass bitch. Get down here. You come out here running your mouth to these fine people who have paid good money to come and see you perform, then as soon as something doesn't go your way you turn your back on them and call it quits... what are you? A man, or a boy? You've been talking trash here since that fabled night... April 27th... 2013... the debut! You looked good! I believed... I BELIEVED in you... and you went places! You became Tag Team Champions... an Intercontinental champion... but look at you now... you're disheveled, you're broken... you're garbage. You've took every turn down every road and no road will lead you home... apart from one. One road will take you to the promised land and that road, unfortunately for you, runs through my town.

    You can put everything behind you, all 14 of your losses, all 4 of your wins, EVERYTHING! You can become immortal. You can forget about your history with the rest of the locker room, because if you survive on this road YOU will BE the locker room. You will be top dog. You might not have the legendary IWT Championship, but make no doubt about it you could get it. All of this... from just one match... against... ME! The owner, the general manager, the most powerful man in IWT to-date! The man who could single handedly propel you to be the greatest superstar of all time! But... also the one who could eliminate you forever...

    So what do you say, ???, are you going to accept my challenge? Face me in THE match at IWT Mania and solidify your legacy, or go back to being a nothing piece of junk. Your choice.

    Jonathan drops the microphone, and stands dead-still. As the crowd goes insane he looks forward, eyes-locked onto the hard camera as the screen fades to black.
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  2. Adam, seriously, you need to do this.
  3. I feel like Bryan. I should be facing you but the authority holding me down and now HHH wants to make me face him.
  4. But Bryan will win?
  5. HHH wants to go dover though.
  6. Look, Adam. I'd love to face you, but my tag title obligations got in the way of that. I'm upset as well, but it's something we have to live with. There's a billion other chances to do that match.

    A match versus Jono is something nobody may get the chance to do. This could lead to your rise to glory. To not take the shot, would be foolish. I know you want to go one on one with The Dazzling One, but right now you have the chance to go one on one with The Dominoes Loving One!
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  7. Yeah I know what you mean man we talked about it.

    I will think about it.
  8. You do know I've turned down facing @Aids Johnson, arguably the greatest IWT competitor to-date in a match.
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  9. There is no time to think!

    So help me Dat Kid, you will face Jono in a match at IWT Mania 2 or I will fly over to Scotland and whip your candy ass all over the country!
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  10. It's like Rock and Mankind vs authority
  11. *Sir Lee sees the promo on his TV and ponders the though of this match happening*

    Sir Lee: Well......Now I've got to change my sperm covered pants.....
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  12. Except I have nothing to do with this.
  13. at least 3 times. This is more like HHH vs Sheamus than DB :letroll: (such a dope smiley)
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  14. *The arena goes into darkness, nothing comes out of it. 1 minute into the song the light up jacket appears, Jonathan gets ready, the lights go back on to show a production worker in the jacket, Jonathan laughs when out of no where Unknown attacks from behind, he starts stomping on him and rips up Jonathan's suit, he throws him into the corner and starts chopping the crap out of Jonathan, he headbutts Jonathan and rolls out of the ring, he grabs a chair and handcuffs from the ring, he rolls into the ring, he whacks Jonathan on the head, he handcuffs him and grabs the mic*


    *Jonathan gets to his knees*


    *Jonathan spits in Unknown's face, Unknown hits him with another chair shot to the head*


    *Jonathan rolls out of the ring, Unknown follows, Unknown grabs Jonathan and throws him into the steel steps*


    *Jonathan mutters "Dover", Unknown hits him with the chair again and rolls him into the ring*


    *Unknown starts throwing more and more chair shots into Jonathan's back*

    *Unknown laughs*

    *Unknown grabs Jonathan's bleeding face by the hair and brings him to his knees, he smirks and points to the wrestlemania sign*​
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  15. *The Dazzler watches from the back.*

    Dazzler: Damn straight this jabroni accepted the match.
  16. Le wild beatdown even though Jonathan had left the arena :gary:

    As ??? walks back up the ramp and behind the curtain Jonathan begins to pull himself up, using the ring ropes for support. He stand's one-legged, his other so weak he can barely put it onto the floor. He reaches over and picks up a microphone.

    You son of a bitch! Y-y-you'll regret that you son of a bitch! Bah god damn you, you'll suffer! You hear me, you'll suffer!

    Jonathan calls for his personal doctor to come down to ringside, as a cart is wheeled out to take him to the back. His eyes remain trans-fixed on the IWTMania sign as he's carted to the back.
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  17. Didn't know you had left, saw you calling me out and felt that a non wrestler would get the shit beat out of him by a wrestler.
  18. So this is happening? [​IMG] Sweet.
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  19. I can Snake Beater to this