Getting a start in the business

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. I'm happy to announce that WWEForums is now home to a poster getting a start in "the business". That's right. I will be taking classes at the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy, with the trainer being Brian Kendrick, starting September 23rd. It's a 12 week thing with classes being Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons, and shows on Friday nights which I may work some shows starting in late November-early December, depending on how much I will have progressed by then. I probably wouldn't be having very long matches (5 minutes max) due to me still training. I look forward to my training and will update this thread often
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  2. Where is this academy?
  3. The academy is located in a neighborhood called Bell Gardens, about 15-20 minutes from where I live, which is near the airport. Not a very big space, but the best school we have out here by far
  4. lmao most people on forums don't want to be wrestlers, we're content just watching the product.
  5. Yeah I've noticed that. Surely you guys would content watching me if I were to get to NXT. :cesaro:
  6. I wish you the best of luck, WM. Go kick some ass and make it to NXT, bro!
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  7. Good luck. Follow your dreams, your only limitation is of the mind. Now go! Let the legend come back to life!
  8. We've had an actual independent wrestler on here. @seabs was a massive fan.

    Not to mention Gohan's "illustrious" backyarder career. That being said. Best of luck.
  9. Good luck!
  10. Ya mofos don't understand the love we had.
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  11. As for OP, I'll be the captain of your bandwagon under two provisions : you call your finisher the forum splash and you have WWEF on your gear.

    Keep us up dated on how it goes,it'll be cool to see how you progress.