News Giant Bangladesh earthquake could put 140mn lives at risk

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  1. Up to 140 million lives could be at risk from a potentially massive earthquake in Bangladesh, according to a new study. The research found that pressure is building along a fault line situated underneath the most densely-populated nation on Earth.

    The research, published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Monday, found that a juncture between major tectonic plates in the region is locked and mounting with stress.

    'Megathrust': Giant Bangladesh earthquake could put 140mn lives at risk, study says
  2. I'm more concerned with your usage of RT as your only source for everything.

    But shit, RIP Bangladesh.
  3. RT is amazing. They bury everything that isn't Russian.

    But Bangladesh has suffered the worst of the worst. Some of the worlds worst Typhoons, tornados, famines, floods, wars and earthquakes.
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  4. Why is that a concern? lol
  5. I just have my doubts about them as a good news source considering their reputation for being a propaganda outlet for the Russian government, though that doesn't really apply in news stories like this.
  6. I don't usually post political stuff, so I don't think that really matters. Also, the same can be said about American news outlets. RT tends to share more interesting stuff from all over the world from what I've seen.
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  7. I am tempted to check them Illuminati cards.... So.... Tempted... :dale:
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