*gigantic spoiler* Another return at a house show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Feb 23, 2013.

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    It's happening brother!

    EDIT: Should probably check better before making threads :upset:
  2. Oh brother...

    Hope he's healthy enough to compete for his sake.
  3. Tough chance. Dat gut.
  4. They just put a returning vid up on the official yt channel, perhaps this is a one off as it was in Texas? Or maybe it's a way to get more people to tune in to see his official return?

  5. As suspected, the dirt sheet reports which claimed he wasn't probably healthy enough to compete the last two years are wrong again.

    That gut, though... Guess it isn't so bad. But I think he should really hang it up after 30, because it's getting to the point where beating Taker might not be seen as great as it once would have (if they drag it out too long) because of him getting older. It wouldn't be much to brag about if you beat the Undertaker when he was a much older, somewhat broken down old(er) man, would it?
  6. But wasn't it Paul Bearer at first that was claiming that? Tbh these years reports seemed a lot more legitimate, especially looking at the condition 'Takers in now.
  7. Wonder why they did it here... maybe to get more views for Monday. I'm not really that sure
  8. Yeah, that would be it. Same reason they did that wooo before the advert when Flair returned to RAW. They want people to stay tuned in.

    Which is sad considering I love surprises :upset:
  9. Taker has it gut, but it can't be that bad if he's nailing old school. Taker is a good in ring storyteller, so that alone will carry his match. Glad to see that he's doing warm up matches to shake off the rust.
  10. Why did you close this? I can't find the other thread.
  11. I respect the Undertaker. It's time for him to retire. He had a great run in the business. Now he is so old. Please let this be your last go ride.
  12. Taker doing house shows :damnn:
  13. Smackdown section by CM Punk I believe.
  14. His fault for putting it in the freaking SmackDown section.
  15. Well, maybe this was a test for Taker see if he could go. Or to make us tune in. Or for him to get back in shape.

    But this pretty much confirms Rock/Cena, so... :downer:
  16. I can't believe I'm disappointed for an Undertaker return, but I just do not want to see him at Wrestlenania this year if he's dragging Punk with him. :downer:
  17. Taker is WM. Deal with it. :pity2:
  18. Well, it's pretty much what I said in previous threads. I'm happy that I'll get to see Punk/Taker, but that means we'll have Rock/Cena II... :damnn:
  19. Oh so this gives me a match to watch at Wrestlemania as I am not keen on watching Rock vs Cena II and Berty vs Swaggy crap. Thank god Taker is back. But why did they make him return on live evnet? Probably to get more ratings for Raw and to test Taker's in ring situation. This must be a privilage to Barrett, Sheamus and Sandow.