Gimmicks on the independent scene, or lack there of

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  1. Let's discuss gimmicks. As a lot of us agree the ability to talk and carry yourself as a character is becoming more important in wrestling. Ring skills are still important but it is the character that makes you come back more often than not. We still see gimmicks in the WWE and in TNA but the indy scene seems a bit void of them. This might have to do with the vast size of the indy scene but still, there is a distinct lack of real gimmicks on the indy scene (except for Chikara but that is a completely different beast). ROH was arguably at its best when it had the clear cut gimmicks and characters of Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinnes, Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries running around.

    It seems like indy stars more often prefer to just be normal people with more pronounced characteristics like arrogance or "intensity" than be a more clearly defined character with a gimmick (this does not have to mean you show up in a mask, just a clearly defined character with traits).

    Wrestlers who have a gimmick on the indy scene outside of Chikara that I can think of right now is:
    Super Dragon (masked asskicker)
    Davey Richards (MMA shitbag)
    Low Ki (MMA shit bag)
    Truth Martini (Massive pervert)
    Jimmy Jacobs (Anti-society)
    Colt Cabana

    Is the lack of gimmicks a reason why some talent never reach their full potential? Would it hurt the independent scene to introduce more gimmicks or clear cut characters or would it hurt it? Could it use a little cult of personality?

    Also: If you could introduce a gimmick on the indy scene what would that be?
  2. Honestly the indie scene has always been about being grittier wrestlers whilst the big boys do the characters so I don't see this as a great flaw tbh. Chikara rules at this though :yay:
  3. They don't need to lose the grittiness. I'd just like to see more diverse characters here and there. I loved Daniels fallen angel and priest character and I am a big fan of Sami just because he is a well thought out character.

    I'd personally love to run a "gentleman" gimmick. A sort of mix of gimmicks like the million dollar man, Sandow and Hunter Hurst Helmsley. A person who claims to be better than everybody else based off his higher education, upbringing and financial situation. He doesn't have to be "old style" like Sandow or Helmsley but would work just as well modern. I think something like that could work on the indy scene. Since it is called things like low quality and bush league and what not, that create some easy material for him to use. Then he can be a bit of a hypocrite by being just as gritty in the ring as his opponents.
  4. :obama: The Briscoes are gimmicking it pretty well too.

    Cole has the right look for the gimmick you suggested IMO, either him or hear me out here Jacobs. Have him lose the Goth look and go all intellectual on bitches, his ability on the mic could pull it off plus he's got that annoying lil crap feel to him.
  5. The gimmick I described is probably the one I would most likely do if I became a wrestler. That or a failed saint gimmick akin to Daniels old one.
  6. Isn't Chikara more childlike and fun? I think I remember Cabana saying that somewhere. I remember he played Baseball in the ring in some royal rumble style match.
  7. Chikara is very comical. They are the epitome of comical wrestling. They had prom night in the ring.

  8. Chikara is beautiful, it's like you never grew up (gtfo Albin it's not literal)


    Literally nothing matters but they pull off great matches still.

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  9. Yeah from what I watched of it, it was outrageous but funny. Like if WWE were to do it, we'd all cringe, but it seems okay there.

    Hysterically lol'd at the Albin message.
  10. Chuck Taylor and the invincible hand grenade for the win :obama:
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  11. Speaking of Chikara. Prepare for the greatest debut of all time.

    +10 for the marching band version of Journey.
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  12. [video=youtube]https:emoji_confused:/[/video]

  13. I will never forget the Swamp Monster.
  14. Didn't he die? If so saddest day of my life.
  15. Evolve 18. He took the hand grenade :sad: Saved us all.
  16. :sad: Such a hero.
  17. Curse you Jon Davis :sad:
  18. We need a tribute thread
  19. And a video tribute set to the circle of life.
  20. Took me a while to figure out that one of the guys in the Gentleman's club is SoldierANT.