Storyline Give me a match

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  1. Nick rustles a camera around, in the typical fashion. After a few seconds, the camera is set, revealing his face. He pushes his hair out of his eyes and to the side, glaring intently into the camera.

    "Summerslam. Summerslam is where it all began. The marquee event of the summer, iwt's second biggest pay per view. I showed up and dominated. Proclaimed the future, a star, you get the drill. Fast forward. Wrestlemania. No match. Nothing. How can YOU, the IWT staff allow the future to not appear on the biggest event of the year? So I'm sending this right to your doorstep. Mr. smith is backing me up on this, because he knows I HAVE to be on that card. And I want it to be known im not here for bullshit matches. I don't want to be in any tag team matches, I don't want to be in a gimmick battle royal. I am only accepting singles matches. You hear that? No bullshit. I hope my message is clear, now be useful for oce and book me."

    Nick moves closer to the camera and ends the video.
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