Give me some input...

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  1. I noticed some things have changed while I was gone.
    What do you like? What do you not like? What would you change?
    Give me some input.
  2. Finally the real GM has come back :obama:
  3. I like you're back

    I don't like you left

    I'd change the fact you just leave.
  4. I encourage everyone to really post what they like and dislike about IWT.
  5. I like the build-up threads for match-ups since it helps members invest in the section. I liked the 24 hour rule to cut promos and then to vote after that. A nice addition has been the challenge thread.
  6. :yay:
  7. I am your new champion, i assume yiou havent +repped and liked all my posts in here. I do like almost all the changes, my only issue is we need 2 staff members for the forum, i know jonathan is bored and likes the extra time in here but it wont always be like that, and members need two options IMO to be able to message.

    Your welcome for all the positive changes. Also pm Sackfist, he was interested in contributing.

    Now give me some of your fake moneys.
  8. :harvey:

    Did the Mod's not pay anyone?
  9. :nope:
  10. Not entirely sure who to ask... Umm, I believe it was @"big hoss rambler" who said he would do pay outs.
    If this had already been taken care of and is getting worked out then my apologies.
  11. Jonathan! He need be removed as GM IWT! He bad at he make up shit go along. lie people about one thing and then will duried that he even said which i have got him in lies 3 time in the last 3 day aloud and he found a bitch way around it even though SCEENSHOT DO NOT LIE! he need to removed or lose title. i would rather have @seabs as GM then have Jonathan as GM.
  12. lol if only. @Seabs tagging you just because.
  13. @"Aids The Jock." tagged me :yay:

    Just a heads up I won't be the GM for this, I'm too egotistical :vince: @"Respect Gohan6425"
  14. Gohan, how many times. I did not lie. That was for a previous match ONLY and we have resolved the issue with the title history.

    Any more posts accusing me of lieing and your ban will be extended because you're putting out false information to people and it doesn't look good for me. Now stop it.
  15. it not a lie i SHOW U SCEENSHOT! and crayo bitria steiaght i can post any thing i feel is wrong without getting ban! I prove to u u were wrong i post back in march 15 asking u to changed it andu injore me and there is 4 other after i posted asking to changed title hosity but injore me! SCEENSHOT DO NOT LIE!
  16. You never actually said what was wrong, you just posted the thread multiple times with a different title.

    Post your screenshot then, I want to see where I ignored you.
  17. If you keep making accusations against my vice GM, I will suspend you Gohan.
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  18. He's currently serving an 8 day championship-ban, preventing him from challenging for any championships in matches. Can still have non-title matches though.

    For persistent cursing and flaming at me, as well as creating uncontrollable havoc in multiple threads. But that's dealth with now.
  19. :obama: