Storyline Give Me What is Rightfully Mine

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  1. The camera cuts to an interviewer backstage.

    Interviewer: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time on's Mania Post Show, Nick!

    Nick walks into the scene, wearing a leather jacket and jeans. He rolls his eyes and chews loudly on gum, seeming to irritate the interviewer. As the interviewer prepares to ask a question, Nick rips the microphone from his hands and turns to the camera.

    "Alright, look here, I'm not here to answer your bullshit questions. I don't care about Dat Kid, I don't care about D'z and Sir Lee, I have one simple message that needs to be heard by IWT Management."

    He clears his throats and stares intently into the camera.

    "Tonight I defeated a handful of competitors to earn a shot at the X-Division championship. Welllll, it looked like Nick vs Alias was set, but he cashed in his title... And he lost. So, as the rightful number one contender, I think it is my RIGHT to receive the championship."

    He shoves the interviewer out of the frame as the camera zooms in.

    "I'm not doing any other matches, I'm not signing anymore papers. I beat four top prospects in one night. So, Jonathan and all you monkeys in the back listen closely. If you won't give me what is rightfully mine, I'll just take it."

    He spits his gum out and throws the microphone aside, walking out of the scene intensely.
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