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  1. A champions path leads to more than just victory, and while most winners tell you some BS like "IM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD," YOUR champion has a different plan. I'm going on the mother fucking price, is mother fucking right. This is me.

    Now onto my first matter of business. I will be (obviously) changing the title to this. [​IMG]
    WOO WOO WOO, who wants to cut this.

    Also i will be handing @"Senhor Perfect" his rematch clause, but @"Respect gohan6425" YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE TO BE BEATEN BY YOUR CURRENT IWT CHAMPION! You said NEVER, i say FOREVER! :pipebomb: Welcome to the era of Aids. #YOURWELCOME

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  2. How many times is Gohan going to get a title match before i get one lmfao, w/e
  3. I'd be scared going 1 and done also. I understand.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Gets my pity, not respect. Have fun with your little play match with gohan that i'll not pay attention to.

    *leaves ring and steals a beer from a heffer in the front row.

  6. *passes @Danielson on the way to the ring* What the fuck are you looking at

    Well, well, well, Aids Johnson actually came out on top at mania. You're not the only one who did though. By my calculations I beat 4 people last night to win these two titles *holds up Mc'Murrica Championship & Tag Title* and guess what, both of them are in your title match at Extreme rules. Now the way I see it. I beat the both of them last night, so that makes's that word...ummmm...oh yeah number one contender. :tough:

    So that fact that I am not in this match or wasn't even considered for it is an insult! Hold on now...I bet you think I'm out here to place myself in this match...but I'm not. You see there is someone here who deserves this shot more, you see this person also has a win over @"Senhor Perfect" and myself as well, well actually who doesn't have a win over me, but that's besides the point. What I'm saying is the person you should be facing at Extreme Rules is not the man that lost to me, the man with the most loses, no. You should be facing the person who is undefeated here in the IWT. You should be facing, my partner, @"CrayJ Lee" !

    You see Aids, you like the rest of these former WWE champions are going to pick people that they think they can beat, because you're a big pussy. Aids you are a big sloppy, ragged, stale pussy. So here's what I'm proposing. I could easily break into this match by asking Brit Mc'Mahon to place me in and I'm sure there will be no complaints with my recent accomplishment with defeating those two buffoons who you do plan on facing at Extreme Rules. Then you have even more trouble facing the former champ, the longest reigning WWE Champion in the history of the IWT, and the guy who beat them both in the same night.

    ...or you can choose to take your chances with the most dominant diva in this company. She is undefeated, but has never main evented a match, a real wild card this one. I mean unless you're scared of a rookie that is.

    So @"Aids The Jock." you going to be a man and put Parker in your match or am I going to have to take that belt from you just like I cleaned house last night.
  8. Pathetic, keeps getting shots lmfao^
  9. By all rights, @"Senhor perfect" has the first rematch, and it should have been obvious i would challenge @"respect gohan6425" because I am the last person he wants to be champion, and as you said, i will blow him out of the water. I don't fear one and done (sounds like Senhors career) but i am not just going to hand you the title. If you want a shot, have @Jonathan or Brita make a #1 contenders match at the next ppv, and earn your spot. I'll gladly face you, but the #1 reason for me even being here was to become champion and crush gohan.

    Gohan you have to be kidding yourself thinking you get to make the stipulations for my match :pity: I am going to take my time deciding on how i am going to beat you, and the rules will be made by your champion. If you dont like it? :gtfo: as this is the IWT Aids Built :pipebomb:

    Oh, i almost forgot From. Buddy, you and your bitch can get to the back of the line, congrats on your "big" wins. Go ahead and try using politics to get your #1 contenders spot, i beat you once with it and we all know i dont even have to be better than you to pull off the big W :pity2:
  10. Ight i'll promo against dw33b gohan and dat one night only winner kid
  12. I decided that since we have a new champion that i'd go ahead and edit him up a new (and more appropriate) titantron

    @"Aids the Jock."

    @"dat kid" hope you don't mind me taking your vid

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  13. It would certainly be my pleasure to annihilate the new champion. New champions are meant to be broken and what better way to put him down like the worthless piece of trash that he is than to lose to a new, up and coming new rookie star in the company. Hopefully Aids will have the courage to face me.
  14. *sees promo backstage* Laughs uncontrollably

    *mumbles* Stick to jobbin sweetie
  15. Excuse me, who do you think you're talking about? I'm a new tag team champion and divas champion. All you are is an old, washed up has-been who decided to resurface and try for a title shot. I'm a brand new champion who has worked very hard to get to where I am today and you have absolutely no authority to call anyone a jobber whatsoever. No one cares that you've returned. All they will remember is how you abandoned your tag team partner weeks before your tag team match and left him to find a brand new tag team partner. You're either a coward or you don't have what it takes to be a long-standing champion in this company. No matter what way you look at it, you still come out looking ridiculous and downright pathetic. Honey, you should take another leave of absence. But this time around, make it permanent.
  16. I think he was talking about me. He occasionally likes to call me sweetie and I'm not going to argue the title of jobber :okay:

  17. I'm undefeated and rest assured the ONLY reason why you are a tag team champion is because I gave it up. Can't deny that sweet heart. Let the big boys play.
  18. p.s. Was talking to Dat Kid. You're an after thought, will always be. Now go ride Dat Kids one night wonder, and promo against the one person you can for the divas title. Quality!
  19. #heelturn