Storyline Given Back What Was Given To Me.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown standing in the ring with microphone in hand.

    "It's been a short awhile since i've graced the television screens and appeared in this ring, but i am proud to say by the end of next month i will be competing again and i am no longer looking for the vengeance that consume the start of my year here in IWT. Things are about to change and this isn't just another Aiden Ryan typical speech that you all mock so easily, but do listen to me if you are one of those wrestlers who feel the need to mock me in that manner."

    "I was the breakout star of 2014 and i blazed this ring, i stood for a division that didn't matter without the leading championship. I appeared on more pay per views than our former champions combined and you have the hid to sit there and mock me. My feet have been grounded in this company for so long and yet i've been overlooked. I've been showcased as the weakling. I've had CONTEDERSHIPS STRIPPED off me simply because a new comer deserved it. I was also that new comer and yet i was OVERLOOKED, I competed in MITB ladder match, I showcased what could happen when you get two new comers like Aiden Ryan and Trevor Raynor together in a ring, That match was nominated in one of the best matches of that year... Where's my creditability? Where's my honour? Where's my respect? A golden slammy? Is that it? Is that all i'm worth in the eyes of you people? What's funnier... is that this golden slammy for my accomplishments, was only to be given to me in the early start of this year. Do you know how pathetic that comes across as? "Oh Aiden, We were meant to commemorate you on such an amazing year last year. Here's your slammy for that year... only this year."

    He looks down at his slammy that his holding in his left hand, shaking his head in utter disgust he looks up at the rampway.

    " Ha... Fuck you, and everything you disrespectful twats stand for. I'm not coming back for the fans, I'm not coming back to kiss anyone's ass or follow in the footsteps of those who pathed the way... I'm coming back to get some damn respect, and it doesn't matter how i get it... the fact is you can try to keep up the taunting Aiden game, or you can be smart about it and stay the fuck out of my way. The nice guy game gets old real fast and the earning game is nothing more than a sham. It's time to take back what should of been mine, and give back to those who gave me the disrespectful i didn't deserve."

    The Camera shows Aiden Ryan placing down his slammy raising his left hand up slowly. His middle finger unfolds and the audience erupts in a mixed manner as he stands there looking up at the ramp with a angered looked upon his face.
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