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    The commentary has just finished reminding fans of their opportunity to vote for the Slammy awards winners through the IWT app after another great match tonight on IWT's house show in Milwaukee, WI. The titantron lights up, panning to Aids Johnson gargling from a bottle of Glenfiddich 18 in his dressing room, staring in the mirror before heading out his door and towards the arena.

    Aids is shown walking past the members of IWT warming up for their matches, ignoreing the jeers and jokes while heading into the entrance. Aids walks out to the stage as the crowd pops loudly, stopping at the top of the ramp and taking one last solid pull from his bottle before handing the bottle off to what appears to be a homeless man accompanying him into the arena. Aids runs down the ramp, sliding into the ring and grabbing a microphone.

    Oh shit piss yeah, Milwaukee WISCONSIN! *the crowd gives a cheap pop* it's nice to finally be home. I have my "father" over there to thank, I'm glad to give back to my family, and get back into this ring one more time. I see all of these familiar faces while I prepare to enter familiar places, but before getting too far ahead of myself I decided to address my current IWT situation.

    I stand in this ring a man on a mission to redeem himself, and there is not one single member of the IWT community willing to face me. Apparently i'm a pariah no one is willing to give notice to, the only man wearing the greatest accomplishment on my finger and yet I have no match on this card, and no future in this company because of my current status. Well, that changes now.

    I'm willing to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back willing to put their spot on the line. I know of the current IWT title plans, and I know where i stand in that process. I was forced into a tag title tournament that was another epic failure on the staff part here, and know I cannot count on anyone to get me to where I want to be, outside of myself. So I'll just have to put the future into my own hands. Dark match, house show, Uprising, PPV opener, or whatever else is needed, I am ready to put my career on the line anytime and every time to prove myself willing and able once again.

    So JWABTV, Jonathan, Joey Bryant, Antonio Alias, and anyone else willing to give me the chance I once gave to any and all new talent, come out here and provide me the same opportunity I once gave you. New and old members alike, first generation, second generation, newfags and eurofags alike....what do you have to lose?

    We all start at the bottom, and whether we fade into forgotten territory or survive long enough to be jobbed out, our destiny is written in our own handwriting. I choose to end my career in this ring on my own terms.

    *Aids waits patiently for over a minute, before beginning to pace back and forth, holding the microphone back up once more*

    Well until that time, here is a history lesson on a man who considers himself to be the god of IWT, a man who won the IWT title by default before losing it quickly after. A part timer who has forgotten his roots.

    *Aids waits patiently leaned on the corner as the vignette plays*
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