Global Force Wrestling Wants Daniel Bryan

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  1. "In WWE news, Global Force Wrestling has made it known that they are interested in acquiring Daniel Bryan and letting him be an in-ring performer, according to Wrestling Inc. For several months now, wrestling fans have wondered about the status of Daniel Bryan. Many want to know if WWE will finally clear him so that he can get back into the ring again. Daniel Bryan has not been shy about letting his intentions known. He wants to perform again, and his personal doctors have cleared him of concussion symptoms that sidelined him. Thus far, World Wrestling Entertainment has refused to allow Daniel Bryan to wrestle again, as the company fears the negative publicity if something were to happen to him in the ring. Since management refuses to let him do so, Daniel Bryan has gone on the offensive by telling the media that he intends to wrestle again, even if he needs to go outside of WWE to do it. If WWE were to actually grant Daniel Bryan a release, then it would become one of the biggest stories the industry has seen in a while. Superstars generally aren’t let go that easily. Once he is no longer contractually obligated to WWE, then Daniel Bryan should have plenty of opportunities to do the thing he is most passionate about in life. He can wrestle."

  2. :booker2:

    He ain't goin' to TNA 2.0.

    If anything, I can see him heading back to ROH or Japan, if his WWE in-ring career is truly over.
  3. JJ can go screw himself with his ballpark house shows and TV shows without TV channels, I have to see Bryan put Jay Briscoe over and win the IC from Nakamura just to drop it back a month later.
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  4. GFW is such a non entity the talent they have "under contract" don't take it seriously.

    There's nothing to worry about here
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  5. I'd also like to bring in Daniel Bryan. He can be my personal chef, heard he cooks a mean souffle.
  6. I seen someone write on him going to TNA... I didn't bother posting it. lol
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  7. i wonder how long he has a contract with WWE for?
  8. Vegan shit?

    Isn't GFW still in it's infancy? I haven't read about it in the past few months, but I assume the main factor in getting DB out of his contract would be a grip of cash and him changing his name back so WWE can sell Daniel Bryan merch and DVDs IF/when they let him bail.

    I don't think we will see DB back for quite a while, at least until after Reigns gets his big title. DB will come back and people will love the midcard again, it's really what is best for business.
  9. Dan please dont leave WWE. We need you so we can hijack every boring show, and have an excuse for it. Please Dan, please dont leave to TNGFW! :boohoo:
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  10. IWT should sign Daniel Bryan tbh.
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  12. My assumption is that if he leaves WWE, every other promotion will want him. Even with him being out of action, Bryan is still one of the most over wrestlers in the whole world. So it's sort of an understatement that GFW would want him.
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  13. He'd be a nice pickup for EBW, too.

    Daniel Bryan vs Frank the Jock = buys
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  14. It expires by the end of 2016 if I remember right. But WWE has a clause built in so that they can extend it if he "doesn't fullfil his contracted dates". Aka what they did with Mysterio.
  15. That is fucked up lol

    >hey can I wrestle?
    >Ok... When is my contract up?
    >never. We can extend it automatically because you aren't wrestling!!
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  16. It's basically them forcing the talent to pay to have their contract nulled. So that they can inact the "no TV in the united states for 3 months" clause
  17. he will never get over Aids, however.
  18. I think a decent lawyer could get a judge to nullify some of these silly clauses the WWE is always adding. Even if they chose to extend the contract due to Bryan not meeting dates, I'm very certain a judge would take into account that WWE was not letting him wrestle and meet those dates. Bryan's willingness and desire to is quite evident.

    Also in regards to their no compete clauses, WWE has long established that they are not a pro wrestling company and not in competition with wrestling companies. In front of the right judge, those things could come back to bite them on the ass.

    That's the thing about contracts these days, they're all breakable in front of the right judge.
  19. Didn't ADR almost take them to court over this so he could work AAA asap?

    Don't forget about the whole independent contractor nonsense, too!
  20. People have tried all the things you mentioned, and failed. Rey-Rey spent about 2 years before finally getting released last year