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  1. If you would like to become Assistant GM of IWT, please apply here.

    You can not hold or compete for belts.
    You must be active in this section regularly.
    You must be unbiased toward everyone.

    You will be able to set up matches.
    You will be able to set up PPV events.
    You will not be able to finalize any contracts, however.

    If you would like to apply, please leave your reasoning why you would be a great Assistant GM here.
    Once I receive all applications I will hire my Assistant GM.
  2. I nominate @"Lady Deathbane"
  3. Why me? :dawg:
  4. Me, me, pick me.
  5. Don't pick Xanth. He won't be active.
  6. I could do it, since I won't get any belt EVER.
  7. Lady is the Divas champ
  8. Soon to be Cruiserweight champ if no one steps up to the challenge. :dawg:
  9. You should also be :datass: champion :ksi:
  10. Might make a belt for that :ksi: :obama:
  11. You have my vote.

  12. A great assistant GM huh? I was almost a booker for Federation X House Shows, how's that for qualifications? I'm back and better than ever, and I want to be your assistant GM. Bias? I am not biased in anyway, if you remember me.
  13. I'll challeng-
    Weighs self on scale*
    Nvm :upset:
  14. :haha:
  15. I fit all the qualifications :obama:
    But, no. :pity1: :george: :tyson:
  16. Still need your input on these questions before I make the thread though. Since you're GM and all. :ksi:

  17. I pick this guy, fuck dethbane and having two whores running the show here :pity:

    I'd compete for cruiserweight, but im too busy being #1 contender vs a canadian. Game over.
  18. Ohh! right! lol You just do whatever you want! Like pick your name, any gimmick, yadda yadda. You can be relistic and fight as yourself, or make up a character and fight as them. You can make it a one on one promo battle or with multiple people. Its up to you. You can also choose to do it in text, video or what have you. You can ban certain things, allow certain things, ect. ect.
  19. Thank you Aids... And hey, I remember your Federation X character...
  20. @deth you are a WIENER! :angry:
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